Parenting has never come easy, with the evolution of the world, everything has evolved. By the changing era, the generations have changed as the parents of the 21st century are more advanced than the parents of the earlier century. People are quite career-oriented now, so to make their life easy, there are cool high tech gadgets available for them to take care of the babies. Near is the time when we will have diaper changing machines and breastfeeding bots, but technology makes parenting life more comfortable, especially cool new available gadgets, Nowadays there lots of mobile application helps parents for caring for the baby.

I have a list of baby gadgets that can you trust and use for baby care;


Compared to adults or teens, baby skin is extremely sensitive and needs extra care. The climate change can have an impact on your baby’s skin and can become easily irritated; humidifier is a new cool tech that will help retain the moisture for your baby’s skin.


A baby monitor is the best baby gadget for dads. A baby monitor will help the new age parents to keep track of their babies following their sleep, or if the baby is crying or if there is anything wrong with the baby, through the audio monitor or video monitor even when you are not around.


Security cameras are the best baby product for newborns. Cameras with live view or recording are a boon to the new age parenting because they will notify you as soon as they analyze an unwanted movement and you can just open the app and view whether your baby is fine or not.

Bottle Sling

This can prove to be the best baby product in 2019. Usually, parents face an issue in feeding until it not breastfeeding, especially the dads. Bottle sling is a solution for parents who face the difficulty in feeding, and it also resolves to hold the bottle until the baby finishes drinking. Ones you attach the sling the baby can itself have the drink without the fear of bottle falling.

Bathtub Divider

Having a safe space for the baby in the bath is something every parent needs. To fulfil this need, the bathtub divider is one of the best amazon baby items that help the baby stay in the reach of our hands and also the space of free bath without the fear of anything.

Noise Generator

The white noise generator is a new cool tech that is invented to make the baby fall asleep by listening to the noise it did in the womb if nothing else works for him/her to sleep. These noise generators usually create multiple noises for the baby to fall asleep, but before trying this gadget, the suggestion is to try a humidifier.

Breast Pump

Not every time you will be able to breastfeed under certain circumstances, surroundings or activities where it is difficult to do so. Breast pumps were invented to be the best baby gadgets and make this easy where moms with the help of pumps can fill up few bottles and that bottle can be given to the baby by anyone, with these babies can still be fed with mother’s milk in bottles.

Self-warming Bottle

The self-warming bottle is one of the best baby gadgets that are invented. This bottle helps to keep the temperature of the milk, or any other product that is there in the bottle keeps it warm. There will no more be need of microwaving or heating it again and again wherever you go it will be warm.

Self-Installing Seat

The self-installing car seat is just cool baby things that every parent would come across. Babies love travelling; it gives them peace. Some babies have a habit of sleeping in the car or playing in the car or simply just roaming in the car. This is the best solution for cranky babies.

Smart Pacifier

The smart pacifier is just like any other pacifier, which are new baby products that will measure the temperature of your baby while it is in the mouth of the child and will indicate if the baby is sick or not before waiting for the health to go worse.

Final Word

There are too many cool baby items that are available in the market that helps in baby care. But the question is which baby gadgets you’ll use to make sure that the baby is safely taken care of. So this is the list of few newest high tech gadgets that will help you choose.

By Maria Brown is Chief Content Editor, Blogger and maintaining Social Media Optimization for 21Twelve Interactive which is one the top iPhone App development company in India and USA. She believes in sharing her strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. She also writes for Top Mobile App Development Companies. Follow her on @Twitter.

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