Taking a test in your classroom among your classmates is one thing. Taking a test that is graded on a national level and a percentile that is calculated by taking into consideration the results of all the students is a different league altogether. The pressure is quite high, especially since each student’s future almost entirely depends on their CBSE Class 12 results.

You will find that some students, who do not perform as well in their class examinations or routine tests, end up achieving a score or rank that nobody expected them to achieve. How does this happen? Is solving CBSE Sample Paper 2021 enough or is there more to it? How does a topper manage to ensure that there is a considerable difference in marks between themselves and the other students? That is because they either know or have had the luxury to chance upon the information that we are going to divulge today.

The 10 most crucial pointers that you need to keep in mind if you want to pass muster with the best

Studying hard or mugging up every bit of information from every other book will only take you so far. Therefore, teachers who want the best for their students, pep them up to study smart. In this section of the article, we have accumulated several pointers (a coherent body of tips by the best of teachers) that can help you secure the rank that you want so bad:

  1. Know the revised syllabus – Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the CBSE board decided to reduce the entire syllabus by a magnanimous 30%, in favour of the students. This means that a lot of the sections of the same syllabus or the chapters have been excluded from the final curriculum. The students must understand and know the new syllabus so that they can study accordingly and not waste precious time dwelling on or feverously studying topics that are not even part of the main syllabus. Also, knowing the revised syllabus can help you devise a strategy that helps you get the most of the study sessions.
  2. Relax often – The pressure is immense and time is not nearly enough – we agree. But that doesn’t mean you deprive yourself of a healthy and acceptable studying process. If you are preparing for your class 12 board examinations by solving CBSE Question Banks 2021, you are in for the long haul and that means, keeping your body and mind healthy and functioning at optimum efficiency. For you to do so over an extended period, you need to relax and let your mind and body rest and relax now and then, to not tire them out.
  3. Go through the papers and understand the marking scheme – If you want to beat the system and secure a high rank, you need to know the system and it’s the same with CBSE class 12 examinations. There is a marking system or scheme that dictates how well you score. If you are opting for smart studying techniques, you should ideally try and know the marking scheme inside out so that you can devise an appropriate strategy to help secure the maximum marks with minimum effort. To Buy Best CBSE Question Bank Class 12 2021, Click Here.
  4. Keep an eye on the internet – The internet, no matter what other people say, can be a boon for students at times. For example, when studying for your class 12 board examinations, referring to the internet can help you rid yourself of a lot of doubts and problems that otherwise, would have been difficult to resolve.
  5. Figure out your weaker areas – Since you have the time, you must cover as much ground as possible. This means thoroughly studying CBSE Books Class 12 2021, targeting the weaker areas and ensuring that you turn them into your strength. Generally, the weaker areas are the ones that call for critical evaluation of conceptual prowess that comes with incessant practice. If you want to score well, then you have to target these areas and make sure that when you take the test, you have no weaker areas. This means you will never lose out on marks due to a lack of knowledge or practice. To Find Latest CBSE Sample Paper Class 12.
  6. Know the procedure –What to write and where to write it, what to carry and how to go about the entire process – this may seem basic and general but the pressure of the examination gets to the students and they end up making silly mistakes in the basics, which leads to loss of marks, bad presentation, etc. Knowing all this beforehand will prevent you from spiralling into a nervousness-induced frenzy that hinders your efficiency and prevents you from delivering your best. Also, it will help tone down a lot of the last-minute nervousness and you will be able to save precious time.
  7. Learn the art of examination writing – Writing board examinations are vastly different from raking class tests. You need to employ a certain strategy that helps you make the best of the given time. This means quickly scanning the question paper, deciding which questions you want to attempt, mentally constructing the answers with basic pointers so that you don’t have to think when writing (being time-efficient). Maintaining a neat and clean answer sheet with good handwriting while being fast is not something you develop overnight. You need to solve a couple of CBSE Question Bank Class 12 2021 to develop a certain flair. This is the art of examination that you need to decode.
  8. Refer to study materials – Apart from the books that you generally refer to, gather a couple of reference books where you want to gain additional knowledge from so that you can incorporate that in your answers.
  9. Solve Sample Papers –Solving CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2021 can be effective in training the students to handle some of the trickiest questions. Also, since these are curated by academic experts, solving them will give the students a better idea of what a tough question paper can comprise. To Buy Best CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2021, Click Here.
  10. Revise with yourself and tally with others – Make sure you are constantly checking yourself every step of the way. Revise often with the help of effective revision tools and take the initiative of organizing group study sessions so that you can always learn more.