What is the next country you are planning to visit? Well we all know very well that travelling is such an addictive thing that once we travel a place, next time we carve more to do it again. As per the surveys, most of the population of the world loves to travel if they get a chance. Some creates their own. Exploration has always been a charming thing. When you travel, you explore a lot of thing about the place, its culture, its people and yourself as well. It is also a great teaching in a different way. A different aspect of life.

Visit to Canada

What people think is that travelling is an easy task. Pack the bag, get the money and just move to the other center of the world. But in reality, it’s not that easy. You need to plan and execute the plan for a safe, secure and healthy journey. Those who are travelling for the first time must know what are the things that must be included in your plan for the journey. There is a long list of it. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using Makemytrip Coupon Code.

In this article, we are going to give you the 10 things you need to know before travelling to Canada. When you move to another country, these things must be known to you. These are 10 things you need to be careful about before moving to Canada. We know how stressful it can be to think about all these things or to call people and read books to know them. We have got you the brief list of top 10 things to remember before you go to Canada.

  1. Get your VISA before you move ahead: – Though Indians are allowed to get a VISA on arrival, you should still be careful about it. When you plan to get the VISA on arrival, you may need a hell lot of documentation from the side of Canada as well as from the Indian side. So, it is a better option to get the VISA before you move to the country.
  2. Canada is way too big: – Canada is an extremely big in size. In fact, it is the second largest country in the world. So, you need to be sure of what you plan to visit. It gets into a difficult choice to choose the place you will be covering during your trip.
  3. Tipping: – Tipping is not something mandatory by the law in the country. The thing is similar to all other countries that you can tip or not as per your choice but from the social view, it turns out to be a part of your life to tip when you visit a renowned hotel or restaurant.
  4. Plan your trip: – As you well that Canada is a very large country, so you need to plan your destinations before you start it. More than that, you need to set your schedule for how much time you have. The country is too large to be visited in a couple of weeks. So be prepared for it.
  5. Smoking: – Smoking is completely prohibited on all the public places. You can either smoke in your private space or your car. You are not allowed to do it on the road at all. So, when you move to the country keep in mind that where to post.
  6. Taxation: – In Canada, taxation is different in different regions of the country. Moreover, when you want to buy something and you look at the price. When you go to give the price, you have to pay a bit more because of the taxes included to it. This is not with some particular goods but for all kind of goods.
  7. Health Care: – A health insurance is mandatory for all the visitors to the country. This is mandatory for both the visitors and people coming to find jobs or education. So, before planning a trip to Canada, get yourself a health insurance and travel insurance.
  8. Driving License: – Driving license in Canada are issued by the provinces and not the federal government so it gets easy as well as difficult to get it. On one hand when it is provided by the province, it is easier to apply and get it issued but for different provinces, rules may be different and it may get a bit difficult.
  9. Weather: – The weather of Canada is not specific for any region. It cannot be in such a large country so prepare yourself for all kind of weather which include summer winter and rainfalls.Moreover if you are looking for HDFC bank recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it
  10. Cost of Living: – Finding a place to live in Canada is a bit difficult to find (apart from hotels) and a lot expensive than most of the countries.

So these were ten things to keep in mind while travelling to Canada.