Today, several industries are generating medical waste, from hospitals and clinics to tattoo and body piercing. For disposal of medical waste, we need to know about it, and proper disposal of the medical waste will not only keep the public and workers safe but also helps you to be in acceptance with the government. Several medical waste disposal companies are constantly working to find the best way to dispose of medical waste.

To get the cure you should always know about the illness so let’s discuss medical waste. Any kind of waste that is potentially infectious is medical waste. It is the waste that is generated from hospitals, dental clinics, blood banks, and veterinary hospitals. Medical waste is generally, healthcare waste that is contaminated, by blood, body fluids, or other infectious materials. It is often referred, to as regulated medical waste. This waste must be disposed in such a manner that, it should not harm any human or animal.

So let’s have a brief look at some of the procedures to dispose of medical waste:

  1. Incineration: The process of combusting the waste at a temperature that ranges from 982°C to 1093°C. This process turns the medical waste into ashes. It is an easy and quick disposal method but, there are chances of emissions. Incineration is also for generating electric power. It reduces the slid mass of the weight by 80% to 85 % depending, on the composition of waste.
  2. Autoclaving:  A machine called autoclaving is the disposal of biomedical waste. High-pressure steam is used by this machine for a specific period, to kill the pathogens like bacteria and viruses. It disinfects the medical waste to the final disposal. There are two different types of autoclaves, flow autoclave and vacuum autoclave. This process is also known as simple as sterilization. 
  1. Chemical: Some waste can be neutralized by applying reactive chemicals. This is generally reserved to destroy that waste that is harmful to the surroundings. This can be the easiest process as it does not take much time or any extra effort. This process is still developing and is used very rarely.


You must be aware of the increasing pollution in our atmosphere which is not at all good for the environment. This pollution can turn more dangerous if these medical wastes are not disposed of by a proper method. The factories hire some medical waste disposal companies, so that this waste should not harm the environment and workers.