The passion and dedication of auto detailing can be felt by those who are car enthusiasts. Wheels and tires are the soul of the vehicle so, they must be maintained. Cleaning the wheel and tire is the process to get the beloved final product.

The first thing you should know about wheel and tire cleaning is that they should not be hot. So, let us know about some wheel and tire cleaners.

 Some Effective wheel & tire cleaners that will enhance the shine and glory of your tires are below:

 • Non-acidic wheel cleaner: This wheel cleaner is non-acidic and safe on different surfaces like matte, chrome, ceramic, etc. P and S break buster removes all the dirt, corrosion, oil, and brake dust. It leaves a thin layer of protection that inhibits future damages.

 Directions to use: Rinse your wheels thoroughly and spray the break duster on them. Finally, use a wheel brush for cleaning if needed and rinse with clean water.

Silicone Free Dressing: The manufacturing place of D161 silicone-free dressing. It provides you the high gloss you are looking for. It is also safe enough that the colors of the wheels and rims do not fade away for some time. Since it is a water-based product so it safe for you and your vehicle.

 Directions to use: Spray it onto your tire and spread it all over the tire evenly with any applicator. For narrow surfaces, you can also use a microfiber cloth or applicator.

 Wheel & Paint Iron Remover: The gel formula is used in wheel and paints iron remover to make your product long-lasting and more effective. The surface does not get damaged because of the ph balance in this product.

 Directions to use: Before spraying the iron remover onto your wheels rinse them. Let is sit for few or more minutes. After the product turns purple rinse it off with clean water. Do not allow it to dry on the surface of your vehicle, and avoid using it in direct sunlight. The surface should be cool to touch.

 On a final note:

 Wheel & tire cleaners help you to clean the surface easily at home. Invest a certain amount of money in it, and this will last for a particular period. These above-mentioned cleaners can help you in cleaning your wheels and tires, and they make your wheels appear as if they are brand new. These cleaners make cleaning convenient and effective. Try these products and enjoy the new-looking shine of your vehicle.