Sundays are commonly known to be off work and family days. It is just a day for you to relax out before the week starts. You can therefore have a drink as you relax. Wonder what type of drink will make a perfect brunch for you on such a chilly day. There is usually a wide range of light drinks filled with fruit flavours and lemon-lime seltzer that should be your preferred drink for a Sunday brunch. With the ideal drinks for a Sunday brunch, you can easily mix them up with any food and also hit it to your guests, family, or friend. This article will therefore help you select an ideal drink for a Sunday brunch. Here are the top 5 perfect drinks perfect for your Sunday brunch.

  • Bellini 

Bellini is a classic drink giving you shortcuts on how you can take it with a fresh puree peach which will always keep it authentic. Therefore, Bellini will ever be freshest. It would be best if you considered this drink ideal for your Sunday brunch whenever you feel peachy. It can always be accompanied by fish, light omelettes, and also white meat dishes.

  • Mimosa 

Should you think of soft, incredible, effervescent, and a drink easy to mix it up, always consider mimosa as an iconic brunch cocktail drink perfect for a Sunday brunch with wide variation for you to try. Its recipe is easy and quick for a basic mimosa as you only need orange juice, champagne, and triple sec.

  • Screwdriver 

It is a mixture of orange juice and vodka. Screwdriver is a staple at brunch table since it is easy to make as its requirement includes glass with various foods and vodka. But, should you need a perfect screwdriver, always use fresh-squeezed orange juice and not over-poured vodka?

  • Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary drink makes a superb combo for your Sunday brunch with a tomato flavour. However, if you need satisfaction from this drink, always serve it with pancakes, breakfast casseroles, or other savoury dishes. It can also be made spicy by mixing it up with a full pitcher with no alcohol content added to it, after which it can be served spiked or not.

  • Crazy Bloody Mary

It is a brunch drink that is considered a meal in a glass. Its preparation starts with traditional vodka tomato juice mix, followed by garnishing where crazy bloody Mary is knocked out of the park. Crazy bloody Mary always features a mini grilled cheese sandwich and dill pickle skewer with a slice of bacon stuck in the drink like a swizzle stick.


With the discussed above that are ideal drinks for a Sunday brunch, such drinks always include cocktail and non-alcoholic content featuring lemon-lime seltzer for everyone’s taste and preferences. Therefore, you can rely on either of the drink to mark a signature for your chilly Sunday as you grab your special meal and count your Sunday special.