These days, Websites are one of the main things for any business that is required to establish their online presence. A website works as a point of direct engagement and digital identity to introduce and establish a credible bond with its customers. Especially in the beginning phase, many small businesses depend solely on their websites to drive sales and attract customers

Unfortunately, many of them fail in creating that aesthetic, efficient web design that establishes credibility and fosters better client relationships. Oliver Wood who is the managing director of PWD has been working throughout his career helping these kinds of small businesses create a better and appealing digital identity and marketing campaigns. Having Seen thousands of websites, Oliver points out the 5 common mistakes many small businesses do while developing their website:\

  • Most visitors don’t stay on the site for a long time and scan the website in a hurry looking for important information. Cramming your website with too much content, images and other things makes it crowded and very difficult to read and scan from. This will confuse your visitors and drive them away.
  • Ads in the wrong places: Advertising is necessary for every company as it lets you inform the users about your new services, products, and deals. But most of the companies don’t understand the art of advertising and put a lot of noisy and flashy ads that actually annoy and distract the visitors.
  • Unclear Brand Messaging: This one probably is the most underrated “Bad website Design” mistake that companies do. The brand message is what appeals to and connects your audience to a business and its services at an emotional level. An unclear and messy message that drives your audience away makes it hard to trust you and your service(even if it’s the best out there).
  • Weak SEO: Most People usually go to google while searching for any services or products. It’s important that you do Search Engine Optimization of your website and create great content that is valuable to your customers. A website with proper SEO and great content will help your website to rank high in Google organically.
  • Many websites put so much content that they forget to make their contact information available upfront. It’s imperative that they get the necessary contact information easily and on the top. If they had to search through the website to get the contact info, there’s a good chance they will never contact you.

Many small businesses try to create their own website to save the cost of developers and designers using the tools available on the internet. While it might seem cheap at the time but affects their revenue streams in the long run. The best way is to consult and hire a Web designing agency that can provide you with the expertise to target customers and create an appealing digital identity. If you are one of the small businesses who just started or looking to create a better website for their business. You can contact Oliver Wood and his company PWD (Perth Web Design) which is the top design and marketing company in Perth and is known all over Australia.