Monica Main is among the most successful entrepreneurs who have built their multibillion businesses from scratch. Their successful leadership and business acumen have led them through their sojourns and established them in their respective areas of expertise. Here, Main shares five things they’ve learned from the journey.

1. You do not need any formal education to run a successful business

Even with all the different forms of education in today’s world, education is not what determines success. It is only a supporting factor used due to being well-equipped with the proper resources and abilities. Education is just one way to acquire abilities that support other capabilities that can be achieved through investing time, money, and effort into learning from life experiences.

2. Get the right tips 

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their businesses. Many business owners consider tips as an easy way to make a fortune, but most fail. Main says that people can only succeed if they pick the right tips over the wrong ones. They must pick practical tips that different business owners or entrepreneurs have tested before them.

3. Listen to your customers as they have the best advice you can ever get

It is more critical to listen to customers than any other business owner globally. Main explains that whatever customers say will be beneficial for them. They are always right in what they say, so they need to listen.

4. Ensure you create value

People might not be able to realize your abilities to them unless you show them. But when they get the chance to, they will be able to see and appreciate your capabilities. If people cannot know, they will have an assumption and thus, what you have becomes irrelevant as long as you can create value for them through it.

5. Focus on how you can help people

Most successful entrepreneurs are successful because of their ability to be of help to other people. They do not simply focus on the money and the income. They think about how they can better their lives and other people’s lives through what they have. That is why business owners need to focus on this because this will enable them to be more successful in the future.

Final verdict

Monica Susan Main has extensive knowledge in entrepreneurship, leadership, business growth and management. Most of her appointments are in entrepreneurship, leadership and management. Monica Main books serve as the best seller in the finance and business fields.