After an unexpected car accident, you have a right to sue for compensation from the person liable for the accident. However, insurance claims and lawsuits aren’t anyone’s cup of coffee – they are complicated and need more than just the evidence you collect.

“Not all personal injury claims are successful. Most of the lost cases are due to mistakes by the client.”

The moment you are involved in a car accident and you show that you wish to sue for compensation; your life comes under scrutiny by the insurer. They are waiting for you to make a mistake, then they pounce. This shouldn’t happen to you.

Your role is to help the personal injury attorney win the case you have entrusted him with. However, some clients lose the case early enough, making it hard to get compensation. You end up wasting your time and the attorney’s efforts and time.

Let us look at the mistakes you can make to cut the case short even before it starts.

Giving Statements to Anyone and Everyone without an Attorney Present

The statements you make after the accident can be used against you by the insurer. Yes, you might have told the truth according to the situation, but when realizing that any statement can incriminate you, you shouldn’t be recording statements anyhow.

The best thing is for you to talk to your attorney and ask for guidance before you make any statement.

  Not Collecting Evidence to Back Up the Claim

Some individuals think that just because they are sure that the accident resulted from a negligent driver, the case is straightforward and that the judge or jury will believe what they have to say without enough evidence. This is a wrong notion.

While collecting evidence can be easy, some people don’t realize that they need it till it is too late, such that they cannot collect it or it has been tampered with.

Without the right evidence, you have no case, however much you think the other driver was in the wrong.

Failure to see a Doctor for Treatment

Many injury victims don’t find time to see the doctor because they feel fine, and also they need to get back to work, only for the situation to get worse a few days later.

You need to understand that the insurer and the judge rely on medical records to quantify your claim. The insurance adjuster can also argue that since you didn’t bother about medication, then you are feeling fine.

The longer you wait to get treatment, the harder it becomes for you to prove that you were injured in the accident. The insurer might even argue that the injury was caused by something not related to the accident.

Missing Medical Appointments

When you have been injured in a road accident, the negligent party is responsible for covering your losses. However, you need to provide documentary evidence to prove that the injuries were severe and you needed medication.

If you miss an appointment with a doctor without any explanation whatsoever, you won’t have any information to present to the court for consideration.

Posting the Details of the Case on Social Media

Social media allows us to communicate and make friends easily. Sadly, this tool can affect the course of your personal injury claim. The moment you decide to tell your followers aspects of the case, you start weakening your claim. This is true if the insurer is looking for ways to downplay the seriousness of your claim. Don’t risk the chances of getting compensated with a few regrettable posts on social media.

Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help?

A personal injury attorney can help you handle your case with decorum. When you engage with the attorney early enough, you get the guidance to avoid these mistakes. They also help rectify some of the mistakes to have a case.