Your teeth are one of the essential features but brushing twice a day throughout your life is all you may be doing to take care of them. It is when you have some severe dental problem that you remember to visit a dental clinic. Residents of Rockland suburbs may get the best dentist in Rockland County, NY, within the Spring Valley area.

Why you should visit a dentist

Various symptoms would seem minor, but they can be troublesome if ignored for a long time. To avoid expensive and major dental treatments in the future, better to plan regular visits to your dentist. You need a dentist’s help for the following:

  • Treatment of gum diseases

Gum diseases form due to poor oral hygiene. One type of disease is gingivitis, where the gums swell up and bleed during brushing or flossing. The treatment consists of the removal of bacteria and plaque by a dentist. In addition, you can prevent the reoccurrence of gingivitis by proper cleaning of your teeth.

The 2nd type of gum disease is periodontitis which is an aggravated form of gingivitis. In this case, plaque forms below the gum line and can loosen a tooth. It is so severe that the disease spreads below the teeth inside the gums. 

  • Root canal 

Cavities in teeth are a common problem. The initial treatment consists of filling them up. However, due to a lack of treatment, cavities can worsen. It can reach the dental pulp, create an abscess and affect the blood vessels and nerves. 

In such cases, you have to get the root canal done by any dentist in Rockland County, NY.  The procedure consists of getting a teeth x-ray done as a first step. 

After the dentist ascertains the extent of the damage, anaesthesia is given and removes the damaged pulp. The area is cleaned, and the root canal is filled with a suitable material. After sealing, a dental crown is placed. 

The process is time-consuming, and you have to get it one in multiple sessions.

  • Dental fillings

Dental fillings are done using a silver amalgam for durability and strength. Modern dental fillings also consist of plastic and ceramic compounds. The advantage is that they look like natural teeth. 

  • Dental check-up and cleaning

It would help if you got a teeth examination done at least twice a year. This would help you avoid several dental problems, including oral cancer. Even minor tooth decay and cracks can lead to severe issues if not treated quickly.

  • Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentists are specialists in taking care of children’s oral health, including stages of growth of milk teeth, falling of milk teeth, and growth of permanent teeth. These are crucial stages in teeth development and treatment consists of:

1. Assessment of cavities 

2. Fluoride treatment

3. Habit counselling like thumb sucking

4. Teeth straightening

5. Repairing tooth defects

6. Dental injuries


You should visit your dentist for yourself and your children, irrespective of any dental issue. This would help in the prevention of major problems in the future. If you can consult a dentist in Rockland County, NYyou may get very good service as the best dental clinics are located in that area.