As the years of retirement looms closer, you may be tensed and worried about the future. While on a happy note, after all those decades of struggle and working, you can finally relax and rejoice in a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

 For that purpose, you need to plan for the future and be proficient in preparing for a retirement checklist. William Schantz says, Identify your source of income beforehand so that you can make the required adjustments in due time.

You need to visualize the sort of retirement that you wish for. Are you more inclined towards volunteering and helping out, or do you want to satisfy the wanderlust in you? Would you be opting for part-time work, or will you choose to relax after all those struggling years? Understand the importance of retirement planning as it will help your future.

We have listed five essential things to prepare for your retirement.

1.  Get Your Timeline Fixed

You need to understand your timeline. When do you plan to retire, and what is your age right now? This will help determine the timeline you have to make choices and implement them accordingly. If your retirement age exceeds 10 years, you can reflect on the investments you can make to give you the security that you need over the upcoming years.

2. Pen Down Your Retirement Goals

You need to sit and pen down your goals. What do you want to do when you retire. Do you want a quiet and comfortable lifestyle with your loved ones? Do you want to travel after you retire? This will help in accounting for your financial requirements once you retire. 

Listing some retirement goals  below:

– Volunteer anywhere, thrice a week

– Travel to my dream place

– Give more time to loved ones

3. Downsize your Debt

William Schantz suggests, If you have mortgage payments due, accelerate them and pay them off before your retirement. Whatever bills you have, whether it is credit card bills, electricity bills, etc., pay them off timely so that they don’t hang on your head once you retire.

4. Keep an Estimate of Future Medical Costs

The medical costs are something that you need to bear in mind. After the age of 65, routine checkups and healthcare is needed vigilantly. For that purpose, you can purchase long-term care insurance. This will help in dealing with your routine and nonroutine checkups. You can even put a sufficient amount of money in your tax-advantaged health savings account.

5. Learn to Maximize your Employment Benefits

When working for a company, they usually offer benefits like employee retirement accounts. They are there to help employees in the long run, so use them wisely. Make it a habit to set up a fixed percentage of each paycheck dedicated to your retirement plans. Conduct a meeting with your HR to understand


Retiring is not a problem as long as you are prepared for it.  Learn the importance of retirement planning and start to jot down your future plans.

Plan for your retirement in small steps. There is no need to rush or feel anxious. Follow these tips mentioned above to pave the way for a prosperous retirement.  For further information, contact William Schantz.