Its human beings hunt to turn everything into a smart version. It is just a matter of time when wristwatches got the smart treatment. Now they are of much more use than simply watching time.

Nova Infinity Pro Smart Watch is among one of the most stylish smartwatches that can be carried 24/7 most comfortably on your wrist. It is smartphone-dependent and acts as a support device for the phone. It has a retina display which gives the screen, more clarity.

Some of the other features and LeCouture nova reviews are here as below:

  • Slim and Elegant Design: When it comes to design it is 42.5*10.5 mm with a weight of 37 grams. It has a steel and silicone band strap with a width of 20mm which is interchangeable and can be replaced afterward also. It comes in black, gold and silver color variants. It has an advanced memory chip which makes its processing speed and on-screen touch much faster. 
  • Long Battery Life: It is equipped with a battery of 180mAh large capacity which has a very long battery life, once you charge it, it lasts up to 4days. You don’t have to charge your battery over and over again.
  • Multi-Functions at a Glance: Nova Infinity Pro Smart Watch is a mini phone. It is very easy to connect your phone with it whether it is an android or ios phone. As soon as you receive a text/message it vibrates and notifies you. It has a special feature of Bluetooth HD calling and you can connect to social media with a single click on your wrist. It has a special feature of Bluetooth music where you can connect your phone and play the music. It has separate cellular and business menu.
  • Analysis of Sports Data: It has a recovery time checking feature where you can check your status after doing exercises. With this, you can keep a track of scientific as well as general sports data. You can keep a count of your footsteps while walking. It has real-time statistics of every body movement of yours.
  • Health Monitoring: Due to a sedentary lifestyle every person is suffering directly or indirectly from health problems which may include blood pressure fluctuations and heart issues. Nova Infinity Pro Smart Watch works on an intelligent heart rate algorithm, which allows checking your heart rate at any time. Low oxygen in the blood leads to rapid heartbeat and chest pain. It has a feature where it keeps track of blood oxygen levels. 
  • Dustproof and Waterproof: Nova Infinity Pro Smart Watch comes with an IP67 dustproof structure which makes it more safe and sound. No matter what if you are swimming or drenching in rain your watch is water-resistant.

Summing Up

Fitness plays a very important role in our lives and despite everything, health comes first above all. You should never ignore it. Nova Infinity Pro Smart Watch is a fitness-centric smartwatch that offers 24/7 activity tracking, SpO2 sensors to track oxygen levels, and heart rate monitoring. It is a more affordable and trendy watch that offers impressive battery life. It is waterproof and dustproof. With a long list of LeCouture nova reviewsyou can consider this product as an option.