CDLs are impressive. After that, you may need an endorsement to drive specific automobiles. Learn more!

Getting your CDL is a great accomplishment. But once you have it, you may need an endorsement to drive certain types of vehicles. One of the most common endorsements is the air brake endorsement. 

This blog post will explain the air brake endorsement and how to get it. We will also provide some helpful tips for those who already have their endorsement and are looking to renew it.

What is an Air Brake endorsement?

An Air Brake endorsement is an additional certification that a driver can obtain to operate vehicles with air brakes. To obtain an Air Brake endorsement, a driver must pass a knowledge and, in some cases, a skills test.

Air brakes are a type of braking system that uses compressed air to stop the wheels of a vehicle. Air brakes are typically used on heavy-duty vehicles like buses and trucks.

When applying the brakes, the driver activates a control valve, allowing air to flow into the brake chambers. The air pressure then presses against a piston in the chamber, which activates the brakes.

Air brakes are more effective than other braking systems at stopping heavy vehicles. They are also less likely to overheat, making them safer to use in emergencies.

Get an Air Brake endorsement – Step-by-step procedure

If you’re a commercial truck driver, you need an Air Brake endorsement on your license. Here’s how to get one: 

1. Study the air brake system. You can find plenty of resources online or in your local library.

2. Get some hands-on experience. Ask a friend or family member with an air-braked vehicle if you can help them perform maintenance or repairs.

3. Enroll in a training course offered by a professional truck driving school or community college.

4. Pass the knowledge test at your local DMV office.

5. Complete the practical skills test, which a certified instructor may administer at a truck driving school or by a DMV examiner.

Benefits of having an Air Brake endorsement

Air brakes are a vital safety component in any commercial vehicle. By law, any driver who operates a vehicle equipped with air brakes must have an air brake endorsement on their commercial driver’s license. The air brake endorsement is not required for drivers of vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes.

The benefits of having an air brake endorsement are:

– improved safety for the driver and other motorists

– reduced wear and tear on the brakes

– increased stopping power

– shorter stopping distances.

How to use air brakes?

When operating a commercial motor vehicle, it’s important to know how to use air brakes. Here are some tips:

-Before you start driving, ensure you know where the air brake controls are.

-When you’re ready to stop, gently apply pressure to the brake pedal. Don’t stomp on it!

-As you’re coming to a stop, you may need to adjust the pressure on the pedal. Listen to the brakes’ sounds and ensure they’re not overworking.

-Once you’ve come to a complete stop, keep your foot on the brake pedal until you’re ready to move again. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling.


There’s no longer a need to wait to get your air brakes endorsement in Edmonton. You can take the air brakes course at any of the local truck driving schools and get your endorsement in as little as a few days.

Once you have your endorsement, you’ll be able to apply for jobs that require it and start earning a higher wage.