To have healthy teeth, we must maintain good dental hygiene. There are various tips to know and steps to take to do that. Dentist Alberto Serafino Motzo, who has been practicing for over 25 years, advises us on what he believes are the best ways to keep our dental health great. Some of those ways include avoiding eating sugary foods, brushing teeth regularly and visiting the dentist for regular dental checkups. Below are the top tips to keep your dental health great, according to Alberto Serafino Motzo – Dentist.

1. Avoid eating sugary foods   

Sugar is the leading cause of dental problems because it causes bacteria that gather on our teeth causing cavities and gum issues. It is essential to eat healthy snacks like nuts or dried fruits instead of candy bars and sweets.

2. Brush your teeth regularly 

Most people are unaware that brushing your teeth before going to bed is essential if you want to keep your dental health great. Rinsing your mouth with water is vital too to remove food particles and bacteria. You can use a fluoride mouthwash that kills bacteria and strengthens your teeth to do this.  

3. Visit the dentist for regular checkups 

It is imperative to visit your dentist for regular dental checkups at least once a year, even if you feel there is nothing wrong with your teeth. That is because a dentist has the tools, experience and knowledge to know if something is wrong with your teeth or mouth. That can prevent more serious dental issues later on.

4. Brush your tongue

In addition to brushing your teeth regularly, it is also as important to brush your tongue. That helps prevent bad breath. Bacteria and food particles on our tongue can lead to bad breath.  The most effective way of brushing our tongues is by using a tongue scraper.

5. Use Fluoride

Fluoride is an essential medicine that helps strengthen teeth. That helps prevent cavities, build strong teeth and gums, reduce bad breath and protect teeth against decay.  

6. Visit the dentist to get a professional cleaning 

When you visit your dentist for professional cleaning, he will use rubber or rubber-tipped brushes to clean your teeth and gums. That makes it easier for the dentist to see if there are any problems with your mouth or gums that need fixing.


There are many steps you can take to protect your teeth and maintain good dental health when it comes to dental health. The six tips mentioned above are what Alberto Serafino Motzo – Dentist, believes to be the best ways to keep your dental health great.