Currently, most people are keen on their dental health and can keep their original teeth for their entire lives. But the cavity is still a common dental disease in childhood. However, not all people may suffer from it. Most people mistakenly believe that they only have to visit a dentist if they feel discomfort or experience something unusual. But that’s not the case; regular dental check-ups can treat various conditions from the common to the extremely difficult. 

Alberto Serafino Motzo- a working student, has extended skills and experience in dentistry for the past years in restoring and maintaining patients’ dental health. In his dentistry practices, he encourages good dental health and prevents disease. He also ensures to safely administer anesthetics and keeps track of the growth and development of the teeth and jaws of his patients.

Alberto completed his career study in Germany and pursued his interest in dentistry. With his experience in dentistry, he offers dental services from general to modern dentistry and from regular oral treatment to restorative dentistry. Typically, dentistry aims to treat, diagnose, and prevent mouth, jaws, and teeth problems. These are some of the treatments that create tension, thereby becoming anxious about the dilemma of undergoing treatment and enduring the pain.

He also gained experience and expertise in dental treatment, including filling cavities and extracting teeth to replace teeth with dentures. He also gained expertise in Flouride treatment,  given after teeth have been cleaned. It’s mostly given to children, but it’s still helpful to adults as it’s used to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatment comes in gel, foam, rinse, or varnish, and it’s applied with mouthwash, brush, or tray. For fluoride treatment, Alberto will recommend his patients 30 or more minutes after the whole procedure for fluoride to be absorbed completely. 

He also plans to advance with his dental education as he’s a firm believer that studying while working gives one many opportunities to acquire additional knowledge in a specific sector. He also believes people can get valuable experience in teamwork and learn how to work at a higher level. As a working student, he also demonstrates the ability to manage his time enhanced by his work experience, and it helps him handle a wide range of tasks in his daily life.On the Final Note, Alberto Serafino Motzo – a working student, is a German dentist who’s currently focusing his efforts on getting a higher degree in dentistry. He’s also determined, hard-working and dedicated, which has earned him an excellent reputation in his field. He is currently living in Germany with his family, and he has a brother who’s well known for football.