The Kombucha Shop is a kombucha home brewing Supply Company whose task is to help people prepare barely credible organic kombucha starter kit at home. We plan the pioneering and one-of-a-kind home brewing supplies to create brewing kombucha at home simple, reasonably priced, and fun. Our flagship produce that started the entire company, this brewing kit has taught hundreds of thousands of new brewers how to create their very own tasty kombucha at home. We’ve honed each and every piece of this kit for an implausible user experience that our clients rave about. You will have a blast knowledge how to prepare for the first time, and you’ll be set for victory as you carry on your brewing journey.

Our Organic Kombucha Starter Kit

Quality Products

Our 1 Gallon Brewing Jar is made of broad American glass and built to last. Screen-printed on the side of the jar is our exclusive Brew Notes trait, permitting you to keep trail of the details of each brew. The non-toxic wet erase marker is custom made utterly for this kit; it features a fine point tip and is totally smudge-proof when dry. Ready to prepare your next brew? Simply wipe with a wet paper towel and your writing surface is crystal clear.

Expert Knowledge

Our clear and short brewing instructions take all the conjecture out of brewing. When you’re done with your first brew, the 16-page Post-Brewing Guide will illustrate you how to urn your brew, experiment with dissimilar flavors and care for your kombucha culture. The conventional pH test strips and temperature gauge will assist keeping your brew on track. Feel lost at any point? Our customer support team is here to reply to your questions all along the way.

Guaranteed To Grow

All of our kombucha starter kit are grown by means of triple filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic slack leaf teas and organic kombucha starter. Our cultures are grown via starter that ferments for a least amount of 6 weeks to guarantee the highest spectrum of useful acids and bacteria are present in your final culture and liquid starter pouch. 

Great Gift

This total, stunning kit is sure to be the ideal gift for any kombucha fan in your life. The kombucha culture in the kit is completely shelf-stable for up to a year—so you can ship and gift worry-free.

Our Commitment To Organic

Just as in the start, we remain persistent in our assurance to using organic ingredients in our products. We source only the main quality, organic slack leaf teas and sugar, and our organic kombucha cultures are hand packed fresh daily. Every kombucha culture is grown using 100% organic tea, sugar, liquid starter and triple filtered water.

Our Commitment To American Made

We consider that strong and healthy communities are built on thriving, local economies. From our packing to our glass jars, we work hard to find and source our supplies from American producers and small businesses, many in a few hundred miles of our storehouse. Buy organic kombucha starter kit through cultures To love.