Businessman Ami Shafrir started on the web in 1994 with the launch of his company, WorldSite networks Inc. Between 1994 and 2000, and Ami Shafrir owned a 50,000-square-foot building at 8670 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Once upon a time, in the 1990s, this building had the world’s first fiber-optic Internet connection. Ami, when only 21, launched the WorldSite in 1994. This company helped with internet hosting, online payment processing, and custom website design. 

Worldsite also had a payment processing business called ComBill. They were the first ISP to accept credit card payments online. Ami’s start-up, World Site, helped financial institutions and the city of Los Angeles accept payments online.

Businesses worldwide can turn to ComBill for Internet billing and monetary transaction services thanks to ComBill’s global network presence. Information on worldwide computer customers and computer data was included, as well as information about electronic financial transfers, credit, and debit card data, payment fraud detection, and collection services.

Ami Shafrir Achievements

Ami Shafrir founded ComBill. Ami Shafir marketed internet banking and payments to banks. Tellers and branches will fall. Ami Shafrir predicted e-commerce and internet banking. Billing generates $1 trillion annually. Ami Shafrir predicted bitcoin in 1996. Before bitcoin, a decade passed. ComBill’s brochure ends here.

In addition, Ami held a 75% stake in Federal Trance Tel (FTT), a billing firm headquartered in Birmingham. A major B2B long-distance operator, FTT offered services such as 900 and toll-free lines for a fee. FTT provided billing services for more than $10,000,000 per month and has billing contracts with all US long-distance operators.

Universal Bill was FTT’s Internet billing platform that predated PayPal. Like PayPal, it provides a wide variety of high-quality services. Daniel Nicherie, one of two brothers convicted of white-collar offenses, including the forgery of 25 of Ami’s signatures, destroyed and FTT. In 2000–2001, they also ruined Ami Shafrir’s estate during his divorce proceedings.

Hard Phase of Ami Shafrir life

The Nicherie brothers‘ lousy behavior caused a $40 million corporation to rebel and fail to become multibillion-dollar. Ami Shafrir worked with the FBI, IRS criminal division, and US attorney’s office in Los Angeles to catch Abner and Daniel Nicherie. The Nicherie brothers accused Ami Shafrir. He faced 130 lawsuits and 15 bankruptcy. Ami won every case he brought against Daniel Nicherie’s criminal organization, receiving $10 million.