ALA or Ascension Leadership Academy is dedicated to supporting and creating leaders that have the potential to fulfill their dreams and transform them into reality. Jenna and Brad Ballard founded Ascension Leadership Academy. They started the academy in San Diego. Its founders have envisioned offering a platform to the people to incorporate in the qualities of the leadership and achieve their life goals. Besides, both Brad and Jenna have worked with the actual great leaders as they teach others to turn themselves into leaders with their precious insights. 

The education institute conducts coaching and training to help their students progress from self-discovery to breaking the old habits that are bad for them or not doing any good. ALA helps people get rid of habits that do not serve them any longer. Instead, students adopt newly developed habits with camaraderie, accountability, and repetition as part of their lifestyle. The typical mentality of today’s generation is to be a lone wolf for various entrepreneurs and leaders. 

Ascension Leadership Academy helps its students learn the creation of meaningful life from nothing alongside a group of famous leaders, contribute to the team, and lead effectively using their genius zones. The academy members are offered many opportunities to connect with people around them in various ways that might feel new initially. However, they will realize soon that it is who they always have been. 

The creation of authentic and vulnerable leadership in others is the main aim and commitment of Ascension Leadership Academy. The academy has given brilliant leaders to the world. Their students have created remarkable results in their personal and professional lives due to their excellent curriculum. Their syllabus covers everything it requires to become an outstanding leader. Their primary role is to guide and teach the power of contributing and giving to society. Moreover, they also teach their students how to be considerate of the visions of others and how that is a winning experience. It creates an opportunity for people to consider the vision of their life and the world. 

The main thing that ALA teaches is how to maintain good relationships with the people around them, whether they are friends, family, or extended family, people you meet at the worship place, or your colleagues. Besides, you should connect to your relationships if you want to succeed in life. Healthy and good relationships help you to be abundant, generous and want to change the world for good around you. 

Ascension Leadership Academy allows you to practice the differences and concepts by creating a shared vision. They are encouraged to support charities for the communities. ALA has played a significant role in encouraging individuals to give back to society. They have different programs in which students have to raise as much as possible money in the defined time and create remarkable and sustainable change for every enterprise. It puts everything you have learned to the test while boosting and encouraging the community at the micro and macro levels.