It might be difficult to keep up your motivation when you are the only owner, the highest performer, and the lone worker. Nevertheless, alas, that does happen on occasion. Although freelancing has many potential benefits, it may be difficult to maintain a continuous level of self-motivation due to the many demands of running your own business.

Freelancing has been considerably less of a hassle in recent years because productivity tools help you remain on track, focus your attention, and hold you accountable. Here are a handful of programmes to keep your focus on the task as you toil away at it in solitude.

Combine The Pomodoro Method With Focus Keeper For Maximum Productivity

In case you have not heard of the Pomodoro technique, here is a quick rundown: Do a 25-minute sprint, a 5-minute recovery, and so on. A longer break is given between intervals of sprinting. There is a wide range of methods available for this. The sprints may be started and stopped whenever you choose, and for as long as you like, thus the name “tomato timer,” which refers to the shape of the gadget used to keep track of cooking time. The app Focus Keeper will monitor your sprints and notify you when you need a rest break. This is an excellent method to help you ease into a project if you are having trouble getting started.

Make It Your Mission To Succeed At Only One Major Objective

Making a list of everything that needs to be done and then prioritizing that list is the easiest way to manage a project of any size. To focus on the details that make up the whole is what you need to do, and that is exactly what you’re forced to do while using One Big Thing. Moreover, the checklist isn’t too difficult. Today, you have one task, but you may create as many individual reminders as you want.

As a single job, it is considerably easier to do. Furthermore, I can effectively arrange my work and avoid pulling an all-nighter by working backwards from the due date to the present day.

A Continuation of Evernote’s Development Is Necessary

Keep track of your ideas, bookmarks, and articles using Evernote. I use Evernote to keep track of articles I need to read, websites I want to check out, and weird ideas that pop into my head while I am working on something else. Whose idea was it to forward that insightful blog entry? Conserve in your Evernote notebook. You have news about the opening of a brand-new and much-anticipated restaurant in your area.

Ideally, you would copy and paste this into your Evernote notebook. Is it a joke you just came up with, or are you being serious? We would appreciate it if you could jot this down in Evernote. After my mind wants to unwind or when the day is done, I pick it up and browse over the pages. Knowing you will not have to worry about this issue again is a great way to prevent becoming sidetracked.


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