Every jewellery brand wants to have an efficient and organised labeling system or jewellery tag printer. In addition, this will showcase the security of the brand and increase the faith of the customers. There are different types of printable jewellery tags made out of a variety of materials offering different sizes and colors. 

Key Factors 

There are a few most important factors when it comes to printable tags. Firstly, the jewellery tag printer should offer tags that can be tracked with all the information about the jewellery piece. Secondly, the jewellery tags must be visible to the eyes of the customers. Thirdly, the jewellery tags should also be readable to the barcode reader. Lastly, the jewellery tag should not be too big as the eccentric attraction should still be the piece of jewellery. 

What are RFID jewellery tags? 

RFID jewellery tags use cutting-edge technology to solve age-old issues every day. The jewelry tag printer prints a smart seal of RFID tags. This smart seal offers various types and solutions such as tags, access cards, inlays, and many other options that may be required for a jewellery brand. 

Why RFID? 

The Radio frequency identification printable tag consists of all the key factors mentioned above. It is the perfect printable tag for your jewellery brand. The jewellery tag printer that offers RFID tags enables it to search, identify and track the jewellery items. Similarly, the RFID printable tags aid the business to run efficiently in a cost-effective manner. In Addition, it offers the best possible results to the business. 

Features of RFID 

  • Fast, reliable, and accurate scan 
  • Reports & analytics 
  • Quick memos 
  • Pilferage alerts 
  • Easy integration 
  • Automated coding process 
  • Multi-location management 
  • Real-time visibility 

Advantages of RFID

Below are some of the very valuable benefits of RFID printable tags. 

Inventory Management 

The jewellery business has thousands of jewellery items which makes it difficult to handle the inventory. But with RFID jewellery tags, the business can track and manage the inventory easily. In addition, the inventory tracking offered by RFID tags is reliable and secure. This enables to trace the of missing jewellery items instantly. 

Counterfeit Labels

The RFID offers anti-counterfeit labels. Therefore, it enables businesses to read a lot of tags consistently. In addition, it also offers contactless read and writes labels. 

Unique Identification Number 

All the RFID tags printed by the jewellery tag printers assign a unique identification number. The unique identification number of the printable jewellery tag is on the chip that is sealed inside the tag. Therefore, the unique identification number will aid you to track the location of the jewellery piece in all its stages. 


The unique identification number will have all the required details of the jewellery captured. Therefore, it helps in the automation of coding. Hence, it will save a lot of time as the manual coding process is not needed with RFID jewellery tags. 


Customise the RFID printable tags that will suit better with jewellery pieces and your brand. Select the best color, shape, and sizes with these legendary printable jewelry tags. In short, make your brand more attractive to prospective customers with customised tags for your jewellery brand. 

Stay Updated 

The RFID tags will also help you stay updated. The adoption of RFID will aid your business to understand the ongoing trends. In addition, the RFID printable tags enhance the customer buying experience. 

Expand your business

All the key factors and advantages of RFID jewellery tags aid in the smooth and efficient function of your jewellery business. In addition, it is time and cost-effective along with customisable features. Hence, the RFID printable jewellery tags will aid in the expansion and growth of your business. 

The Best RFID Jewellery Tags 

Are you looking for the best option to buy the RFID jewellery tags? Irys is the choice for you. It is the leading company that offers the best quality jewellery tags with a variety of options. 

Why Irys? 

  • Innovative & Updated Solutions 
  • Hassle-free integrations 
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Scalable 
  • Domain Expertise 

Types of RFID printable jewellery tags offered by Irys 

Here are 4 main types of in-demand printable tags at Irys.   

Diamond Tags 

The diamond tag is white in colour with non-tearable PET and a matt finish. This tag has the perfect size as it can fit beautifully in a standard diamond box or package. 

Soft Tags 

The soft tags are white in colour with non-tearable PET and a matt finish. It has a 1.5mm hole so as to attach the thread. 

Reusable Hard Tags 

This tag also has a 1.5mm hole for the thread. In addition, the tag is reprogrammable as this is a reusable RFID printable tag. It has a non-tearable PET. 

Standard Jewellery Tag 

The standard jewellery tag comes with a tail and in a variety of colours. It has a non-tearable PET. 


All the RFID printable tags offered by Irys are embedded with chips that are designed to withstand really hot temperatures. In addition, it also has superior adhesive support. Hence, the varied working environments will not affect these jewellery tags. In short, the RFID printable jewellery tags are the best choice for the future of your jewellery business.