Weddings are not the same as they used to be 10 years ago. Even though the wedding was and will be the biggest event of anyone’s life. These events get bigger, greater, and louder with time. With the rise of Instagram and other social media, people are spending more and more to make the moment magical and dreamy.

While most couples hire a professional to manage all their wedding plans, to ensure the wedding happens as they imagined. There are plenty of responsibilities a couple has to take on their own for the wedding planning.

Azar Jazestani is one of the top wedding planners of Canada, who has planned weddings, ceremonies, and royal events for more than 10 years talks about certain things and details she noticed in various couples during their wedding planning that differ the ones who had their perfect dream wedding and those whose weddings had to be handled by planners because of their lack of clarity.

Azar mentions the top crucial things every couple should do while planning their dream wedding:

  • Set your wedding budget and stick to it: The wedding budget is one of the most important factors of wedding planning. Many couples usually don’t have the budget or don’t follow it strictly which eventually ruins their wedding and sometimes even puts them in bad debt.
  • Consider Wedding dates: Even though the final date is decided after booking the venue, deciding a set of dates helps you with planning all other things like cake, band, flowers, attires, etc.
  • Start your guest list: Your guest list will drive many decisions about your wedding. As most of the Wedding venues have a particular guest count, it’s better to start with a guest list to have a vague idea of the number of people you will be planning for.
  • Research and tour wedding venues: Venues are the most expensive thing of a wedding. Be sure to investigate prices, packages, available dates, and guest count sizes of several different venues, so that you can choose the best suitable one before you sign the dotted line.
  •  Make a wedding day list of priorities: The wedding day is the most hectic one. Even though many couples with planners plan for this day for months, there’s always a chance that it will become overwhelming and something will not go as planned. So it’s important that you finalize certain important tasks like a Wedding photographer, live band, etc. which are most essential for the wedding day.
  • Shop your attires and wedding rings: And the last one is your attires, the wedding dress remains precious and special for the couple for all their life. So, you must take time beforehand, to select the perfect wedding attire and your wedding rings. Once you pick the attire for the big day, you can look for the outfits for pre-wedding events like brunches, showers, and rehearsals, etc.

When you take care of the essentials and are clear on these things, a professional planner can count in to help you handle all other details that will stress and overwhelm you and ensure that your special day and its planning goes as smooth and fun as it could be. And if you are looking for a lavish wedding in Canada, Europe or Dubai, You can contact Azar Jazestani and his team of professionals from Principal Planner who will help you in realizing your dream wedding.