Planning is an essential aspect whenever you anticipate doing something soon. Are you planning a big day? You will have to keep all your plans laid for the big day and experience an overwhelming ceremony. Those who would find some challenges in planning could also find help from professionals. We’d recommend you to work with Azar Jazestani if you anticipate a special day with a piece of mind that is priceless. You’ll get quality service for your investment, and your guests will keep talking about your event for yours. 

What To Expect When Working With Azar Jazestani for Your Big Day

With ten years of experience planning for couples’ wedding events,  Azar Jazestani ensures you get prioritized services that you can enjoy at every moment. You’ll also enjoy the ride throughout the planning stages. You’ll interact, laugh, and bond together while building bumps in the road. While planning for your special day, whether it’s a wedding, bridal shower, baptism, housewarming, surprise events, etc., Azar Jazestani will take care of everything, and you’ll only be left with one job. Your job will be to enjoy every experience at every moment. 

What Are The Some of The Services You  Should Expect

Having Azar Jazestani in your planning team means you are on a safer side. You’ll get curated packages that will match your expectations and needs. With their great experience and know-how within the industry, she’s the best for you and your planning milestone. You’ll always get value for your investment. Some services to expect include;

  • Event Planning

Azar Jazestani and her immediate team are always ready and willing to help you plan for the best event in the decade. You have to give your theme, crazy idea, color palette, etc., from your plan. let them take over and bring everything in your plan into life 

  • Wedding Ceremonies

Planning a wedding was the first and foremost love of Azar Jazestani and her team. They’ll take you step by step to the chapel. With years of experience in repeat business, they’ll give everything needed to take you down the aisle on time and in style.

  • Reception Hall

Reception hall being one of the best city’s most beautiful venues, Azar Jazestani won’t leave it unattended. If you are looking forward to a big day with seating of over 400 guests,  look no further. Azar Jazestani will help you look for the perfect place. 

  • Sweets Table

Typically a special event can’t afford to miss serving the guests with a dessert. Azar Jazestani cannot resist the spread of sweets as it makes sense to offer you a total dessert station. 


Since planning is the backbone of every event, try making it unique and fun with Azar Jazestani. Shell takes you step by step while having fun, and most importantly, you have much fun. Azar Jazestani and her team are equipped, willing, and ready to ensure you’ve planned for a successful event. If you are planning for a big day, always look forward to having them as part of your team. You’ll love it!