Most of you may not need to grow edible plants but it certainly looks beautiful and colorful to grow a few of these in your backyard. And depending on your space, you can have a greenhouse full of vegetables or you can grow a few herbs in your outer area. In either case, you would require a list of basic tools for your gardening toolkit.

You can start with simple gardening tools such as a garden hose. It is important to water your plants regularly. You want to make sure it is durable to be dragged around the garden area. Depending on the measurements of your garden, you can purchase hoses of varying lengths. Along with a hose, you may want to look for an adjustable nozzle to control the water pressure while you water your plants. In the case of newly blossomed and delicate flowers, it is essential to buy a nozzle that sprays evenly and slowly. To get started with your garden, you may want to grow your seeds in a protected and safe area first. As seeds are delicate and cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, it is crucial to growing these seeds indoors in a seed container kit. Affordable but good-quality gardening gloves are an essential part of any toolkit. Professionals recommend these gloves and no toolkit is complete without a pair of them. These not only keep your hands clean but also protect them from any cuts or incidents due to prickly stems or leaves. With gardening gloves, you can easily grip tools used in your garden or lift heavy bags if necessary.

Sometimes, your garden or vegetables might need extra protection from nature or the elements present in the atmosphere. These covers may range from protecting greenhouse gardens from bunnies to a deer who might try to eat your veggies. You may be located in a region with varying climatic conditions. In that case, your garden may require extra cover from the harsh weather conditions to prevent them from wilting. Some people use garden bell covers to cover the small pots with delicate plants to prevent any contamination of particles from the atmosphere. It also prevents any attacks from wildlife creatures or flies. To prevent any harm to the plants from frosting, there are frost blankets available in the market.

There may be a scenario when you are not equipped with any gardening tool. Then, have a hand trowel which helps to accomplish multiple tasks such as planting, rearranging soil, digging deep into the soil, etc. These are extremely affordable and easily available in the market. Even if you start your garden with one or two plants, you can still not miss adding a trowel to your toolkit. In addition to a trowel, you can also buy a cultivator to turn the soil. It has a function similar to that of a hand rake but is more efficient in digging up the soil. It is useful to remove weeds or add fertilizers to the soil adequately.

Author- David Sechovicz– As a beginner, you may want to start simple. Start by cleaning the outdoor space, mowing the land, and digging the soil to rotate the nutrients. Divide the space and allocate sufficient area for gardening along with dedicating the other area for patio furniture or placing a barbeque system. Understand the shady and sunny spots in your garden to decide on the type of plants you can grow.