There are two main types of public notaries: those who work from a permanent office and those who go from client to client. In the case of a stationary notary, customers must go to the notary’s home or place of business to witness a notarial act. But mobile notaries will go to the client’s location to complete the notarial act. We’ll examine the many unexpected advantages of hiring notary services.

  • Contractual Simplicity

Hiring a traveling notary public streamlines the signing of legal documents. The notary public’s responsibility is to verify the signatures on legal papers, protecting your company from any potential liability. A Notary Public’s responsibility is limited to verifying the signatures on papers; they are not responsible for the information’s accuracy or validity. 

Since it is your attorney’s responsibility, they cannot provide any assistance with or conduct any work on your legal paperwork. The only reason notary services should be present when a document is signed to verify that the person signing is the same person whose name is on the paper.

  • As a Means of Avoiding Fraud

Having a notary public present while signing legal papers greatly reduces the risk of fraud. This is because the notary public will verify the signers’ identity and the papers’ authenticity before signing them. Photocopied signatures cannot be notarized. A notary public will also make sure their client is signing papers voluntarily and not because they are being coerced.

A notary cannot witness the signing of a document in which they have a financial or personal stake. The term “impartial” describes how a  notary service should act: as a neutral third party. Since both parties know their paperwork is being handled by an objective third party, they are more likely to feel comfortable moving forward with the process. 

  • Availability

It shouldn’t be too difficult to locate a notary in a densely populated metropolitan or suburban location since there are an estimated 4.5 million public notaries in the United States. You may easily locate commissioned notaries who are willing to notarize your signatures by doing a search online or in your local phone book. 

However, it might be difficult for people to have papers notarized since there may be just a handful of notaries (if any) in smaller towns and rural locations. Fortunately, hiring a mobile notary is a simple and efficient way to deal with this issue. The mobile notary will go to your place, be it 5 miles or 50 miles away, to carry out the required notarial act.

  • Time Changeability

Even if you have an emergency at 5 a.m., a notary will come to you. Real estate, building settlements, and general notary services are all within the scope of practice for mobile notaries.

  • Preventing the Trouble of Physical Location

You may save unnecessary travel expenses by having a notary public come to you. They will go to your location of choice, whether it is an office, residence, or medical facility. Mobile notaries make it so you can keep working without having to take time off to visit a notary public’s office.

If you need a notary on the go, how much do you think it would cost?

Several factors, including state legislation, affect how much it will cost to use a mobile notary. Notary publics may only charge as much as the state allows for their services. Notaries are prohibited from charging more than $10 for their services. 

When performing an acknowledgment, witnessing a signature, or completing a jurat for a client for the first time, a notary public is allowed to charge a maximum of $5. The notary public is allowed to charge no more than $1 for each additional notarial act requested by the customer. However, in addition to the regular per-act price, mobile notaries public are often permitted to impose a “travel fee.” The cost of transportation maybe $20 or $50. (or more).


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