Notarized documents help confirm that you are the person who signed the document. The sole reason for notarizing documents is to stop document fraud, the theft of identity, by stopping anyone from presenting a fraudulent document. A notarized document online that is authenticated through a notary assists in safeguarding the rights of people who could be exploited. Most court proceedings can be avoided if an official notary signs a transaction document.

Different kinds of notarial acts

Acknowledgments: Acknowledgements are required to record the value of assets. Example: deeds, mortgages.

An acknowledgment confirms that the person signing the document has freely signed the document. For this reason, he needs to appear in person before the judge when he is notarized.

Jurats: Upon appearing personally before the court, a jury is required to be signed by the juror. In signing a jurat, the person signing it confirms the content of the documents as authentic.

Oath and affirmation oral oath or affirmation can also be used to convince a customer to be honest. Affirmations and oaths are performed orally.

Copy certification: Diplomas, Driving licences, diploma medical records, certificates of insurance, and bills of sale may require certification of copies. Copy certification proves that the copy of an original document is genuine.

Benefits of notarizing documents

  • It is not required to notarize all legal documents; however, in certain instances, the notarization of documents is mandatory. If you fail to notarize the documents that need to be notarized, then the document’s validity could be questioned, resulting in the rejection of these documents in court.
  • It also assists in preventing fraud and preventing forgeries on legal papers.
  • Annotary Seal on any document proves to the judge that authentic individuals made the document’s signatures and that it was not fake.

Registration of a sale contract for an immovable property

The registration of the immovable property is crucial for the purchaser of the home. If he doesn’t register the property under his name, he will not be considered the property’s legitimate owner. The prior owner is considered to be the legitimate owner.

If a lease contract has not been registered by the parties yet was legally required, it will not be considered authentic proof of any conditions and terms that apply to the property being leased.

The buyer or recipient of the transfer must cover tax and registration fees. Stamp duty is a type of tax that the government imposes within its authority for transactions of property.

Stamp duty is a type of tax that the government imposes within its authority for transactions of property. It is essential to register the new property that you purchased in your name.


When discussing what notarization is, what is registration, and why it’s crucial to register the sale deed, we can declare that notarization is an ordinary formality that must be observed when signing an agreement to lease. Notarized documents online ensure the legal authenticity of the person’s identity and signature, whereas, without the registration of the sale agreement for the property, a person cannot claim ownership of the property. Therefore, notarization is not an alternative to registering an agreement. Both registration and notarization are important when executing an agreement.