What if you get a rich, smooth and flavorful cup of coffee at the push of a button without having to do anything? This is what a fully automatic electric espresso coffee machine‘s sole purpose is. Of course, a fully automatic coffee machine may be more expensive than a regular coffee machine or even a semi-automatic coffee maker. However, you get all the merits of a quick and easy coffee whenever you want.

Here are the benefits of owning a fully automatic coffee espresso machine:


A fully automatic coffee espresso machine lets you save time and effort because this benefit comes in handy for people running short of time. You don’t have to be a coffee expert to get the caffeine fix you need; press those buttons and enjoy a café-quality coffee from the comfort of your home.

Quicker turnaround

A hot cup of coffee is always better, but if you want a variety of coffees at a press of a button, it’s entirely possible with a fully automatic coffee machine. Whether a cappuccino, espresso, latte or macchiato, a fully automatic coffee machine can do the job quickly and perfectly.

Additional features

A great fully automatic coffee machine comes packed with many features like a grinder, milk frother & storage and bypass doser. A grinder allows you to use whole coffee beans or ground coffee. Milk frother and storage are excellent for someone who relishes cream on their coffee. Finally, if you want to take a break from pure espresso, you can use a bypass doser to switch your coffee grounds into decaf.

Brewing time

In a fully automatic coffee machine, there are varied programmed brewing timings, which you can choose according to the type of ground coffee you use. Therefore, you will not have to stand around waiting; instead, press the button and get coffee within a few seconds.

Brewing quality

A fully automatic coffee machine is programmed to create coffee according to pre-set specifications. This means that there is no room for mistakes since the brewing quality of the machine is consistent regardless of your expertise in making coffee.

Maintain freshness

Most fully automatic coffee machines come with an in-built grinder which allows you to grind coffee beans enough for your java. The roasted beans will remain fresh for a longer period than the grounds. Hence, you will always get the freshest coffee with every sip.


An automatic machine is programmed to make coffee to pre-set specifications. Although this scientific approach may take the ‘heart’ out of coffee making, it means there is no room for untrained coffee drinkers’ mistakes.


It’s certainly more of an office issue, but safety can be a real concern when using a manual machine. The process of manually making coffee involves plenty of hot water, often steam being fired from a hot metal wand. I am not suggesting that your employees can not use a kettle, but accidents happen, and the larger, the more coffees you make, the more scope there is for injury.

Whether you prefer to have a nice coffee with your family and friends in your home or office if you need a quick and easy way to brew a mood-boosting beverage, a coffee maker at home is the finest option. You’ll also get the benefits of a healthy coffee, which you may prepare in various ways.