Everyone wants to take advantage of the chance to live and work in another country. However, with amazing opportunities comes great responsibility. Paperwork is an overwhelming task that should not be avoided in any way when moving to a different country. Countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia need Apostille documents. The birth certificate is an important document which is needed for many functions. Getting a Birth Certificate from Apostille and other cities in India is possible. We will now discuss the birth certificates and Apostille procedure in greater detail.

What is a birth certificate? The reason why an apostille birth certificate is required?

Apostille Birth certificates are essential documents confirming a person’s birth. It records the date, name and location of birth. In addition to proving an individual’s identity, the birth certificate allows everyone, an Indian citizen, to avail of the wide range of services provided by government agencies like the Indian government to citizens. A birth certificate can help you obtain the rights of a basic person, such as the right to vote, the ability to benefit from the services and programs offered by the government and gain admission to an official or private school. School or getting married, as well as the transfer or inheritance of property and getting government-issued identity cards. To take advantage of these advantages overseas, every Indian and ex-pat from other nations requires a birth certificate Apostille because unattested documents aren’t accepted in foreign countries.

What’s the procedure to obtain a Birth Certificate, Apostille?

Notary Stamp

First, documents are authenticated by an official Notary Public. This step is optional and necessary for some documents. You must submit documents to a notary public to get the stamp.

Home Department Authentication

Second, birth certificates and other personal documents must be checked at The Home Department of the issuing state. Educational and commercial documents have been authenticated through the Chamber of Commerce and Human Resource Development.

MEA Apostille

The birth certificate will be apostilled from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The MEA is the only authority in India accountable for Indian document Apostille and charges a sum per item.

It is not surprising that only some people are knowledgeable about this procedure, which is why using experts for this job is advised. Many firms are offering services related to MEA Apostille and other parts of India. But, you must choose a knowledgeable and skilled agency to avoid mistakes or problems. The security of your data and documents is the most important aspect of this process. Therefore you need to select the right agency.

How to get a Birth Certificate, Apostille?

First, call the office of your local County Clerk to request a form which states that you’re currently not married (AKA”Single Status”). Some County Clerk offices could use this as “no record of marriage” instead of the term “single status” (see list above). The majority of County Clerk offices can give you this document. Please ensure you talk to an administrator or supervisor if not told the contrary. The documents issued by the office of the County Clerk only require notarization if they offer it notarized.

If the county clerk cannot help you, and you live in the United States, you can take the example above and make your own single-status statement. It is an official sworn declaration that you are not currently married to another person within the United States. Ensure you have the document signed and notarized before sending it to our offices. Also, it would help if you inquired with the person requesting your single status to see whether they’ll accept a sworn statement directly from you.