The Internet has given people endless possibilities and freedom from their commercial implementation. People create careers that bring wealth, and people are mobilized in their minds through the Internet. Even if the 1999 Internet bubble were a huge disaster and many businesses, the bubble burst could be swallowed up for the most part. Some people wake up slowly and achieve their goals and dreams with pure diligence and focused determination.

Intellectual master and technology expert, Brad Spiegel, has dedicated his life to helping people grow through an online presence. Spiegel believes that technology plays a major role in bridging the digital asset gap. And with more and more people getting online, the gap is narrowing and innovation is growing rapidly across the world. Here are some of the ways internet connectivity can stimulate development and the economy.

  • Lifting Individuals out of Poverty: Internet access gives individuals better access to the modern economy. With an internet connection, people living in remote areas can now easily access microcredit, e-banking, and much more.
  • Growing Access to Education: Internet connectivity and new technologies are enabling people to bridge the educational gap between urban and rural populations. In sparsely populated areas, mobile electronic devices such as tablets provide children with valuable educational instruction that cannot be obtained otherwise.
  • Increasing the Ease of Communication: The Internet can be the cheapest and most effective connection tool. By gaining access, individuals in developing countries can participate in e-chats through applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat.
  • Improving Crop Efficiency: Through IoT (Internet of Things) systems, farmers in developing countries can easily access information on key variables such as humidity, temperature, and terrain topography through a variety of sensors. Good agriculture has also led to the development of unique insurance systems.
  • Greater Global Participation: Given that many developing areas also have internal conflicts, updating the status quo is even more important for their citizens. In addition, individuals in developing countries can engage in global conversations through online communication platforms. Social media campaigns have proven to be more effective in raising awareness of many issues and increasing participation in protests.

Throughout his career, Brad Spiegel has educated people, researched, helped them achieve their dreams, and guided young minds to choose the right path to achieve their goals. He founded two technology companies, Connect2Compete and Quality Computer Systems, which played a major role in the development of dynamic technology in the city. Although he had many successes, this ambitious spirit set higher goals that would help him achieve more innovative developments.