So you’re looking to buy used cycling clothing but aren’t sure what features are most important to you. Words like “athletic” “fitting” and “comfort” pop up; don’t you want all three? —and UPF; does that even matter? — And they all say they’re breathable, but you know your old jersey wasn’t like that at all.

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Whether you’re brand new to cycling or have been on the hunt for the ideal jersey for years, we hope these general recommendations will help you navigate the many alternatives available.

Necessary Jersey Items

  • Visibility

As a cyclist, it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd. You’re putting yourself at risk if motorists can’t see you, so invest in a brightly colored jersey. Wearing lime green, vivid orange, or red is a great choice, and so is donning a patterned jersey so that you stand out.

  • Aerodynamics

When cycling outside, a snug fit is essential, which is why cycling jerseys are custom-made for each rider. Since you have to exert the most effort countering the wind from the front, a headwind is a sign of high air resistance. Wearing a T-shirt that is too big for you acts like a big sail, slowing you down and requiring you to pedal more to maintain your momentum and speed. If you believe it’s essential, lowering air friction is a good goal to go towards. T-shirts and baggy jerseys are suitable for leisurely rides under 15 miles per hour.

Wearing a tight jersey is the only way to minimize wind resistance when cycling, whether you’re just starting out or are part of an expert riding group. Find the words “race” or “pro” cut in the product description to ensure a close fit. If there are no creases and the jersey fits snugly in all the right places, you’re looking at a professional cut.

In addition to being tailored to fit snugly, professional jerseys have a “rubbery” elastic waistband that prevents the shirt from riding up over the hips. The elastic at the waist ensures that the jersey stays in place no matter how you move about on the bike.

  • Pockets

Most jerseys have three pockets on the back. Your pump, phone, munchies, jacket, and tools will all fit well here. It’s incredible how much stuff these three compartments can hold if you make an effort. Women’s jerseys with princess seams but no pockets are suspect, since the pockets add significant value to the garment.

To provide additional structure or a more tailored fit, princess seams are sewn into women’s blouses and shirts.

Bicycles, Parts, And Accessories May Be Bought And Sold In Your Neighborhood

Big Wheels were the first bikes kids remember riding. Not quite a bike, but it did have pedals and opened up a whole world of outdoor recreation possibilities. About 10 years old at the time. After that, I don’t recall what I rode, but my dad got me a red Schwinn 10-speed when I was in middle school. Learning to ride a bike at a young age is a gateway to freedom and adventure, as any parent will tell you.

Finishing Up

Pedals’ ultimate goal is to make all of the world’s used cycling clothing and new bicycles, apparel, and accessories easily available to anybody who needs them.