Charlii was established by Tayma Tameem, and it is comprised of a team of software engineers and writers. These individuals not only have an understanding of the writing process but also of the challenges that authors face along the road. Writing can be a difficult and, at times, baffling trip in which it is easy to get disoriented due to the complexities involved in handling narrative elements and story arcs, as well as making timetables and meeting deadlines.

There has to be a more effective way to visualize the structure of a story than by pinning cards to a board, and there has to be a more effective way to manage ideas than by scattering scraps of paper and notebooks all over your apartment. This is certainly the case, given the technology available in the digital age. CharliiHQ is able to resolve all of these challenges and a great deal more in her capacity as a digital project manager and writing assistant.

The process of narrative construction is improved in terms of both clarity and speed thanks to CharliiHQ timeline function. This tool enables you to conduct analyses of chronology, plot elements, and story arcs in a manner that is both insightful and intuitive. 


  1. Speculative thinking

The tool for brainstorming may assist in the recording and generation of original ideas for stories.

  • Record your thoughts verbally or in audio form.
  • One safe area for the information to be stored.
  • The brainstorming tool may assist capture and producing original ideas for stories, so you can build on ideas for both present and future usage.
  1.  Calendar of Goals 

The calendar of goals will assist you in staying on track and ensuring that all deadlines are completed. CharliiHQ will hold you responsible for your objectives and assist in ensuring that your narrative is finished on schedule.

  1. Outline Tool

Build your narrative with the help of the outline tool. Before you even begin writing, you should make sure that your tale has a full arc and that you have worked out the essential aspects of your plot.

  • Organize ideas
  • Build appropriate conflict
  • Make sure your tale has the right amount of pace, and use outlining as a technique for developing your characters.
  1.  Timeline Tool

Use the timeline tool to create a visual representation of your narrative. See how the events, narrative elements, and other components of the tale are represented visually so that you can better understand the patterns and connections at play and the overall plotline.

  1. A Device for Concocting Plans

Apply this “at-a-glance” structure to your analysis of the aspects of your tale. Discover in a flash where different timelines overlap and check that neither the travels of your characters nor the sequence of events includes any voids.

  • Helps to keep one’s mind from wandering
  • Offers a way to evaluate your narrative in a short amount of time.
  • Perform simultaneous analysis on a number of different aspects of the tale and characters.


The charliiapp provides tools for creating an outline, managing your time, and even a Brainstorming function that enables you to jot down or record ideas for later use. 

It does everything for you except actually write the completed document for you, which it does not do. That is something that will be left up to you.