With the trendy earrings styles to include in your collection, no outfit is complete without a pair of earrings to add the statement and chic look. with various designs from hoops to dangles or studs, the sky’s the limit considering the one  you want to pick that aligns with your style. However, a good chunk of women still experience the real hassle in not only finding cute earrings but also the one to wear all day long. Since you can’t sacrifice your peace, serenity earrings are good for you; they are made of  sterling silver, pure gold, and more which makes them safer for your ears. if you are tired of hunting down stores for a perfect pair of earrings, keep reading to understand about pair of earrings that doesn’t only encompasses simplicity,  but also beautiful to wear them everyday 

Serenity Earrings

Serenity earrings scream happy-go-lucky since they are wearable and universally flattering. with them you’ll find some added tiny gold glass beads to the shiny silver hoops. It is the perfect pair to go ahead of a movie, picnic or hike as they add an impressive statement. 


  • sterling silver ear wire and earring
  • gold accent bead and wire wrapping
  • artisan made with globally sourced materials

Serenity Earrings Gold/Silver Freshwater Pearl

Serenity earrings gold/silver freshwater pearl pairs of earrings are simple and ravishing that you’ll love to include in your jewelry collection.

Serenity earrings gold features freshwater pearls and 18k gold plated hardware . Serenity Earrings in Silver also features natural freshwater pearls, which are most treasured in your collection. Their measurements are approximate length 3 cm and width 1.5cm. 

Serenity Wire Hoop Earrings

Are you dressing for a gala event or coffee date? a mixed metal serenity wire hoop earrings is your best choice to complete your look and add a mien of tranquility. It’s made from flexible gold wire accented  with butterfly motifs and flowers. 


By now you should know about serenity earrings. however when it comes to picking out  a perfect pair for your needs, first understand the metals and gemstones match your skin tone. There is serenity in all aspects including your choice of accessories . Made from your desire, serenity earrings are designed to help you keep your blissful memories close.  These pairs of earrings bring the heat while relieving stress and anxiety. You can’t just overlook making a statement with these drop-stone earrings.