The cleaning and disinfection of a residential space is one of the primary tasks before moving into a new apartment, or a newly vacant apartment. A professional service can also be necessary in residences that have not undergone a thorough cleaning for a long time.

Based on this, Chicago apartment cleaning services can be of two basic types –

1. One-time cleaning in empty apartments

2. Recurring cleaning in occupied residences

What is one-time cleaning?

This caters to an initial space cleaning in a new place. It ranges between either a light cleaning or a deep cleaning which is best suited for removing deeply seated dirt in previously used apartments. In either case, it is pertinent to maintain a regular cleaning regimen after moving in for a clean and sanitary environment.

However, deep cleaning can also be done if you need professional expertise in redressing thick and stubborn layers of grease and grime in your present apartment. 

What is recurring cleaning?

Chicago apartment cleaning covers difficult to clean surfaces such as carpets and air ducts, or cleaning of an entire household as per the requirement.

Carpet cleaning – 

The carpets in an apartment are the breeding grounds of pathogens and harmful bacteria that pose a health risk if not cleaned from time to time. Some common carpet cleaning and disinfection methods are hot water extraction, deep steam cleaning, and chemical cleaning.

Air duct cleaning –

A clean air duct ensures good air circulation in your living space, which means lesser accumulation of allergens and better availability of fresh outdoor air.

Full apartment cleaning –

This covers all the rooms in a residence as detailed below.

Apartment areaServicesSurfacesAccessoriesAppliances
BathroomDusting and removal of cobwebs, disinfectionCeiling, walls, countertops, cabinetsWindowsills, shower curtains, sink and faucet, mirror, tub, doorknobs, and baseboardsGeyser, Washing machine
KitchenDusting and removal of cobwebs, exterior cleaning, disinfectionCeiling, walls, countertops, cabinets, and shelvesSink and faucet, baseboardsFixtures and common kitchen appliances
Living and dining space including balcony and passagewaysDusting and removal of cobwebs, wiping, mopping, and vacuum cleaningCeiling, walls, floor, and glass surfacesCarpet, tables, chairs, and other upholsteryRefrigerator
BedroomDusting and removal of cobwebs, mold, mildew and allergens, disinfectionCeiling, walls, floor, and other horizontal surfacesBaseboard, blinds, light switches, carpet Lampshade, ceiling fan

When should you opt for professional cleaning in your home?

It is best recommended to clean the air duct system once every four years. It’s time for a clean if it indicates –

  • Presence of visible dust particles and black debris on the outer portion of the ventilation system,
  • Presence of rodents and pests,
  • Unhealthy odor inside your living space,
  • Growth of molds and mildew inside the air duct system.

It is also important to clean the ventilation system before moving into a previously owned apartment. 


The sprawling urban area of one of the most populous cities of the United States makes Chicago apartment cleaning one of the most sought-after commercial services. Clients usually look for affordability and reliability of the service, flexibility of work schedules, and the choice of materials and methods available while choosing a provider. Since apartment cleaning involves working with personal spaces, high reliability can ensure a good and lasting customer base.