If you’re in a tractor-trailer collision, call a lawyer. Finding an 18-wheeler accident lawyer will guarantee your case receives proper representation.

If you are involved in an 18-wheeler accident, you should consult with a trucking accident lawyer. Finding an 18-wheeler accident attorney is the best way to guarantee that your case is properly represented.

While most major truck accidents involve just one party, others may include many.

The truck driver, truck owner, freight manufacturer, or loading business, for example, might all be held liable for the accident. Each of these parties has its own insurance company and lawyer.

If you have been in an 18-wheeler accident, you may be asking how to choose the best lawyer. When selecting an 18-wheeler accident attorney, you need to consider several issues. This page will provide information on the most common forms of accidents involving these massive vehicles. You’ll also discover how to find out about a trucker’s credentials and complaint history.

Using these ideas can assist you in selecting the best counsel for your case. Continue reading to learn more!

Common reasons for 18-wheeler accidents

In most situations, an 18-wheeler collision is caused by the driver’s recklessness. Because trucks are substantially larger than most automobiles, they may create a hazardous scenario if they cannot see effectively. 

Consequently, drivers should presume that the 18-wheeler driver can see them even if they are not directly in the driver’s line of sight.

  • Due to their size and poor mobility, 18-wheelers pose several threats to motorists. 
  • Among the hazards are faulty vehicle components, dangerous road conditions, and driver mistakes. 
  • Distracted driving, which may include using a mobile phone and speaking with dispatch, eating, watching movies, or texting, as well as hard braking, can lead to an accident.

Fortunately, such incidents may be avoided, and a knowledgeable truck accident attorney can assist you in protecting your legal rights.

Furthermore, 18-wheelers are infamous for transporting products on trailers, and an unbalanced load may cause a rollover truck accident.

The significance of hiring an 18-wheeler accident lawyer

Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney is critical to receiving the most payment possible after an 18-wheeler collision. The consequences of such a collision are usually severe, including a lifetime of medical expenses. 

  • Truck accident lawyers with experience comprehend the road regulations for large trucks. 
  • They understand how to assess the damage to your vehicle and decide if it is worthwhile to file a case. 
  • A competent attorney understands how to match these losses to categories of legally compensable injuries. Your lawyer is ready to establish that the 18-wheeler was at fault, and they will ask pertinent questions on your behalf. 
  • In addition to ensuring you obtain the highest possible compensation, your attorney will be familiar with FMCSA standards and federal safety requirements.

Furthermore, trucking businesses have legal teams that may oppose huge payments. Hiring a truck accident lawyer is the most effective way to safeguard your rights. This lawyer will fight for the money you deserve.

Obtaining information on the credentials of a truck driver

When choosing an 18-wheeler accident attorney, it is critical to learn about a trucker’s credentials. 

The credentials of a trucker may make or break a case. For example, if a trucker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving, they may be unable to handle their rig. A trucker of this kind might be held guilty of an accident.

  • A trucker’s insurance company will generally strive to pay a claim as soon as possible, regardless of the driver’s credentials. 
  • The insurance company would likely make you a low-ball offer to avoid paying your claim. 
  • Most consumers lack the experience and information required to deal with these insurance companies, so hiring a lawyer is the best approach to level the playing field and maximize your pay-out.

Obtaining data on a trucker’s complaint history

A qualified 18-wheeler accident lawyer should be well-versed in the transportation business legislation. 

Truckers are generally responsible for ensuring that their workers obey the laws and regulations of the road. They must also recruit the correct people, primarily commercial drivers with no disciplinary past. 

Trucking businesses should keep driver records, but some do not, and that data is critical to your case. A skilled attorney will request such information.

Photographing the aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident

A semi-truck accident, as the site of a collision, may inflict significant damage to a car. Affected people must get immediate medical attention when this disaster happens. 

  • The first step in recording an 18-wheeler crash is obtaining witnesses’ contact information. 
  • Witnesses may leave after an accident has been cleared, but you may contact them afterwards. 
  • If you wish to collect evidence and witness testimony, you must get contact information and images from any wounded individuals. This information will come in handy if you ever need to seek compensation.
  • Large blind areas, complicated mechanics, driver weariness, and improperly secured cargo loads are all factors in these incidents. 

Furthermore, since Georgia is a one-party consent state, your attorney may be able to utilize any audio or video records to establish blame for the accident.


If you have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, you may be wondering whom you should contact. 

A lawyer will go to the accident scene and speak with witnesses, getting all the information necessary to prove that the person at fault is liable.
Contacting an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. A skilled attorney can help you gather evidence to prove fault and ensure that the right person is held accountable for the accident.