Demolition is one of the most dangerous operations during construction. This process is necessary when a building or part of it has to be brought down to pave the way for another building. However, when handled wrongly, it can lead to accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Quick Fact

The demolition and wrecking industry has grown by 0.5 percent in the country.

Under Corpus Christi law, property owners and contractors are responsible for ensuring construction sites are safe. They ensure the demolition equipment is well maintained, the workers are protected, and all safety regulations are followed to the last detail.

Types of Demolitions Site Accidents

The severity of injuries depends on the type of accident at the site. Here are the top accidents:

During demolitions, wall and floor openings are common. One of the most common causes of falls is floor openings that haven’t been secured. This makes it easy for workers to fall through while performing tasks.

The employer has the responsibility of securing all floors to ensure workers don’t fall through and get injured when handing tasks.

Another common cause of accidents is poorly constructed scaffolding. Scaffolding provides a platform where a worker can access levels that they otherwise won’t. Poorly erected scaffolding can collapse, causing injuries to workers who were on the platform and those on the ground.

Mechanical demolition involves using heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes, and bulldozers to pull down buildings. The process is faster than deconstruction, and it saves a lot of time. However, it involves working from platforms erected at high levels, which increases the risk of injuries.

Falling/Flying debris

This is the most common accident at a demolition site, especially when taking down a high-rise building. We have seen instances where construction workers are buried by falling debris.

During construction, the company uses bricks, cement, wood, metals and other materials to come up with a building. During demolitions, these materials are taken apart and can drop from high heights.

Debris aren’t just a danger to workers only, but to unsuspecting passersby as well. Studies show that being struck by falling debris is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the demolition industry.

The severity of injuries after being hit by falling debris depends on the weight and size of the object and the height from which it fell. Even a small object falling from a great distance can inflict a deadly injury.

During a demolition project, the person at high risk is the one working underneath scaffolds, cranes, and lifts. If you have been hit by flying debris at a construction site, you have the right to demand for compensation for your injuries. Talk to skilled Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers to help you determine liability and find out whether your case merits compensation or not.


This is the process whereby employees use their hands to dismantle a structure piece by piece. This is called deconstruction because the workers use their hands and tools to systematically remove the components in reverse order of construction.

Injuries occur when the construction materials fall from a height or when a person on scaffolding falls to the ground.


Implosion is used to take down large structures standing in heavily populated areas. The process uses explosives strategically placed and detonated to cause the structure to collapse. Implosions can lead to debris flying all over if not handled by experts.

Implosions cause struck-by accidents, whereby an employee or a passerby is struck by flying or falling debris.

The Need for Regulations

Regardless of the type of project, there are some regulations that the owner needs to have in place when handling the project. Demolition sites involve various parties, and this makes the site unsafe. If speed is the motivating factor for demolishing a building, then the contractor ends up cutting many corners, causing serious injuries.

Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Get Justice

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