Danny John Gluszkiewicz is a professional insurance broker and underline based in Brisbane. he also has extensive experience identifying and implementing practical insurance cover for his clients. You’ll understand an insurance professional’s essential requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills from his professional background. From identifying sales opportunities for insurance plans to overseeing a portfolio of clients, these professionals are responsible for handling policy renewals, identifying risk management strategies, and tracking claims. They also play an essential role in developing relationships with prospective clients through networking and referrals, which is the core of an insurance business. Besides fetching new clients, they also maintain a good relationship with existing ones to build a good reputation. 

Above all, they evaluate the needs of their clients and propose plans that will meet the criteria and clients’ financial status. Understanding your client’s needs and financial capacity is essential to determine the extent of present investments and coverage, scheduling meetings and building long-term goals. 

Responsibilities of an Insurance professional— broker

A broker in the insurance industry is a professional who legally represents people or businesses looking to buy insurance. They have a fiduciary duty to customers, which makes them act only in the best interest of their clients—here are some of the responsibilities they do;

  • Introduce their clients to all available insurance policy options and clearly explain to them
  • Promote and sell a variety of insurance products
  • Ensure that all medical and other necessary forms are filled out and filed
  • Arrange a payment method with the insured in writing
  • Follow up on claims filed by clients
  • Calculate premiums based on medical information and other discussed factors
  • Interview prospective clients
  • Process all insurance policy requests

Danny John Gluszkiewicz’s professional background

Danny John Gluszkiewicz started his career at QBE in 1999 as an account executive. He has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. In 2009, he was a managing director of InterRISK Queensland before he subsequently held a succession of senior roles at InterRISK Australia, gaining extensive expertise in client solutions and advocacy. In 2018, he left InterRISK Queensland to work for BMS Group as Director of Australian operations. He then launched The Assegai Group in 2021 and MRC Insurance in 2022. 


By working with an insurance professional, you’ll be guided through the entire process of purchasing insurance. Insurance brokers will meet with you to familiarize you with the various exposures and risks you might face and put together an insurance program that will cover those risks best.