A Realtor who can keep ahead of the curve is king in today’s real estate jungle. But it’s not easy to figure out how to beat the real estate market. It is prohibitively expensive in terms of time, money, and effort.

Your real estate company may be expanding at a dizzying pace, and you’ll need superhuman strength to stay up. Alternatively, you might engage a real estate virtual assistant.

It can be more expensive than money to train an assistant. Instead, hire a virtual real estate assistant. A virtual assistant for real estate investors may assist with a variety of tasks, including obtaining leads, uploading site images, engaging with potential clients, and much more.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is a professional service provider who specializes in delivering remote administrative office support solutions as an independent contractor who collaborates with clients on a regular basis. Virtual assistants work from their own workplaces, delivering solutions and communicating with clients using today’s technologies.

They have mastered the art of time management. Hiring a virtual assistant is always a good idea because the job they provide is of the highest quality. Furthermore, their abilities range from basic office help to highly technical areas, and you simply pay for the time they spend fulfilling your job requirements.

Tips for Maintaining a Joyful and Productive Relationship With Your New VA

The relationship is reciprocal, and as a business owner in need of such services, it’s critical to understand your duties in order to keep this collaboration going for the long haul. When dealing with a virtual assistant, you must accomplish the following:

  • Have a Clear Job Description

Begin with a modest project. It takes practice to let go and delegate if you find it difficult. Set up mechanisms and interact on a regular basis. If necessary, you can always add on afterward. One of the first things you should do when looking for a virtual assistant is to be clear about the services you want from this individual so that both of you know what to expect.

When employing a VA, make sure to include all of your critical tasks and obligations in the job description to avoid any misunderstandings about what you expect from this relationship. Some chores may appear insignificant, but they can consume a significant amount of time; therefore, unless these occupations have very few needs, it’s advisable to work with your VA on them as well.

  • Weekly and Bi-Monthly Updates

Keep your VA on track, stay up to current, and keep coming up with fresh ideas. Your VA cannot read your mind and may not be aware of the issues you confront on a daily basis or those that are on the horizon. 

Build that rapport by telling your VA about upcoming events so that she can be ready to help you when things go wild.

  • Provide Feedback

Everyone enjoys receiving feedback. If something is going well for you and you are satisfied with it, please tell your VA about it. It allows the VA to learn more about you and your expectations for accountability and success.

If something isn’t working out, check for a communication issue, a lack of knowledge, or a longer-than-expected learning curve. 

  • Be Responsive

Virtual assistants, like other freelancers, need to communicate from time to time in order to do their tasks. If your virtual assistant needs clarity on what has to be done in order for your tasks to move forward, make sure you don’t leave him or her hanging. All communications must be handled quickly after they are sent out, as a responsible business owner will make a far better impression on his or her VA.

The speed with which you answer can affect the quality of the results you produce, and if you are slow to respond, it can affect your VA’s work attitude and morale.


Hiring virtual assistants for real estate investors is one of the best decisions you can make to boost your company’s productivity and annual earnings.

So, figure out what’s consuming all of your time, hire a virtual assistant, and start reaping the rewards right away.