Without education, there is no future! Over the last few decades, even some of the most high scoring students were not able to pay for their college education. Thus, achieving so some of their life long goals, and getting a job where they feel valued iandpurposful still a dream for them. Achieving success in life can become a very difficult task if one lacks the economic means, opportunities, or a mentor with a willingness to share their expertise. Seeing the current scenario facing college hopefuls, a passionate medical personality shouldered the responsibility of assisting dedicated students.

Meet Dr.Suhyun An, a leading mind in regenerative medicine therapy. She has securedimmense success and respect in the medical field as a result of her passion and dedication to progress in her discipline and her endeavors to alleviate the financial burden that many students today face. By providing scholarships to 2 students annually, she is helping many students progress toward a strong career in the medical sector.

To be eligible for The Dr.Suhyun AnScholarship students must demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence by possessing a minimum weighted GPA of 3.0. Additionally, applicants are required to include two professional oracademic references from past or current teachers, neighbors, clergy, or other individuals who are knowledgable about the student and his or her character. The scholarship program also request students to detail why they arecommitted to education in the pursuit of the medical field via an essay of 500-700 words. Once studentsmeet the criteria and submit an application with all of the requirementstheyare eligible to win the scholarship!

This scholarship programworks to decrease the amount and the number of loans students need to take to pursue a college education. According to a report conducted in the year 2021, the average doctor takes a minimum of 7 years following graduation to successfully pay back all of their student loan debt, as most graduate with over $230,000 in student loans. Medical professionals are an essential component of society, and Dr.Suhyun An believes that through her work, students will be inspired to select a career in medicine and work to achieve high grades.