When it comes to collecting and transporting samples for medical testing or research, using the right collection and transport system is crucial. A reliable collection and transport system can ensure accurate test results, minimize contamination risks, and maintain the integrity of the sample. Yeoman Health and Wellness offers a wide range of Puritan medical swabs and kits, including the popular dry transport system sterile flocked swab.

What is a Dry Transport System Sterile Flocked Swab?

It is a medical-grade applicator that is specifically designed for collecting and transporting biological specimens. The swab features a unique flocked tip that is made of short nylon fibers that are arranged perpendicularly to the handle. 

The flocked tip provides superior absorption and release of the sample, ensuring maximum sample recovery and minimizing the risk of contamination.

The dry transport system refers to the way the swab is packaged and shipped. Unlike traditional transport media that requires a liquid medium, it uses a tube that contains a desiccant to keep the swab dry and maintain the stability of the sample during transport.

Advantages of Dry Transport System Sterile Flocked Swab

Using a this for sample collection and transport offers several advantages, including:

  1. Improved accuracy: The flocked tip design ensures optimal sample collection and recovery, resulting in more accurate test results. The improved design allows for optimal absorption and retention of biological samples, ensuring that a higher amount of the collected sample is transferred to the test medium.
  1. Reduced contamination risks: The dry transport system minimizes the risk of contamination during transport, which can compromise the integrity of the sample.
  1. Increased stability: The desiccant in the tube maintains the stability of the sample, ensuring it remains viable during transport.
  1. Convenience: The dry transport system is easy to use and does not require any additional liquid medium.

Puritan Medical Swabs and Kits Available at Yeoman Health and Wellness

We are a stocking distributor of Puritan medical swabs, kits, and other single-use applicators. We offer a wide range of Puritan products, including the following:

  1. Puritan UniTranz-RT 3ml Sterile Universal Transport Solution
  1. Puritan 6″ Fecal Swab and Collection Tube – Includes Hydraflock swab and screw cap tube
  1. Puritan PurFlock Ultra 6″ Sterile Elongated Flock Swab w-Plastic Handle & Dry Transport Tube
  1. Mini-tip Flock Plastic Handle Swab & Dry Tube
  1. Puritan HydraFlock 6″ Sterile Mini-tip Flock Swab w-Plastic Handle & Dry Tube

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To Summarize:

A dry transport system sterile flocked swab is an essential tool for accurate sample collection and transport. Yeoman Health and Wellness is your reliable source for high-quality Puritan medical swabs and kits, including the transport system sterile swab.

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