Run your experiments and cellular analyses with less error and more precision in a controlled environment, available around the clock.

Addressing the needs of various cell biologists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, and their laboratory assistants, TEKMATIC offers top-notch and ultra-modern medical device incubators (cell culture) rigged with various functional features for better conditioning of cell growth. You can easily set the incubator according to your research cell and put all the required parameters in your cell experiment thanks to features such as gas atmosphere, humidity, and temperature control. Get the most accurate results with the fewest errors possible. Tekmatic cell incubators allow cell biologists to create a suitable physiological environment for their cell samples with superior protection, great flexibility, and utmost precision.

INHECO SCILA Co2 Mp-4: The Compatible 4-Position Cell Incubator 

The INHECO SCILA cell incubator provides maximum accuracy, outstanding protection, and considerable versatility while taking up the least amount of space in your automated deck. 



The INHECO SCILA is the most powerful incubator in its class. The SCILA 4-position incubator is designed specifically for automated cell culture operations in liquid handling systems. As a result, it suits best for medium- and low-throughput cell preparation in a controlled setting. Furthermore, by stacking SCILA incubators in towers, you can evaluate more samples with varying parameters without overloading your deck.


With the SCILA, your lab can process every sample without risk of contamination under the exact and necessary circumstances. This is due to its copper chamber and water tubing, sterile water systems, and easy-to-clean architecture. SCILA provides outstanding atmosphere and temperature precision as well as temperature uniformity features. You may either purchase the optional SCILA MIX gas mixer to manage the gas in your incubator or add your gas mixing system that can deliver mixed gas. The use of two or three gas mixers together allows the creation of hypoxic conditions that mimic the circumstances in the human body.


The SCILA has a footprint of 291 mm H x 250 mm W x 410 mm L and is available with four microplates (for 96-well plates smaller than 20 mm in height) or two deep well choices (up to 23 mm in height), allowing you to employ microtiters or vials. Alternatively, layer both for maximum versatility in your lab.


The SCILA is simple to connect to and commission using SiLA-compliant software, and an API is accessible. It is also IoT-ready. It works flawlessly with most brands of liquid handling stations when combined with a reader and robotic arm.


Every INHECO gadget is conceived, produced, and manufactured in Germany and subjected to stringent quality checks before shipment. It includes a two-year global warranty and complete customer service, including remote support, diagnostics, and servicing options aimed at reducing operational downtime.


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