Agriculture is one of the most important sectors for any country in the world. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the failure of many countries to manage their agriculture. Many countries have learned the importance of agriculture with difficulty. In the face of supply shortages, food crises, and the inability to manage resources, governments around the world have begun to search for answers and ways to increase the efficiency of their agricultural systems. These attitudes revealed the urgency and inadequacy of agricultural economists around the world.

Agricultural economists analyze economic activities in the agricultural sector. You need to identify patterns and trends in economic activity, increase the efficiency of agricultural systems, and help customers make informed business decisions. To do this, farmers analyze the production, consumption, and sales of industries that require a deep understanding of the economics of the agricultural environment.

Enoch holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Oregon State University School of Agriculture. He also holds a master’s degree in agronomy. He also holds a doctorate in agriculture from Oregon State University. Enoch has over 10 years of farming experience, is an American agricultural consultant, and founded Mayfield, an agricultural consulting firm.

In the field of agricultural economics, agricultural experts and economists have mainly been involved in many important fields. Similarly, incentive plans for environmental management, water pollution from agricultural products, and evaluation of the non-commercial benefits of natural resources. Environmental structures and complex interrelationships between economic activity and environmental impacts. Agricultural trade is constantly evolving over time. New technologies, techniques, methods, and approaches are implemented. People and food companies need more professionals and professionals to oversee their businesses and make better decisions for growth.

Enoch has said that all professional agricultural economists are responsible for automatic signs of large reports and reduced handmade tasks with the help of VBA encryption. It is also responsible for advising the relevant macroeconomic conditions and developments in the sector that can affect the standard and recovery. It also serves as a legal advisor and companies to include parts that can include basic markets, risk loans, credit transactions, customer service, address insurance, mission financing, business engineering, and business industries Are, do.

Mayfield Consulting Solutions, a venture of Enoch Mayfield, provides solutions for a variety of sustainable agriculture solutions. His consulting firm includes experts who take safety measures to improve crops and increase productivity in the field. In addition, the company’s experts continue to specialize in better solutions based on crop quality, vegetation cover, soil composition, and pest control methods.