Talking about agricultural economics, it is a broad subject across the globe. Research into rural land, renewable resources, community planning, and community planning have all expanded that was once a discipline to the economics of livestock maximization and livestock. An agricultural economist such as Enoch Mayfield works for local or national government agencies, helping in the planning of effective farm policies. Along with this, there are also other areas such as farm futures firms, agricultural-related investment, and community management in which an agricultural economist works.

According to Enoch Mayfields, agriculture is an important part of any country. Countries with good and strong agricultural systems can remain stable, and those that have learned to make the best use of their natural resources are more stable and also growing faster at international fronts in various ways. Supporting a healthy and growing agricultural economy does not generally happen itself. Expert and skilled agricultural economists such as Enoch play a major role in making successful agricultural schemes.

As an agricultural economist, Enoch assesses various agricultural situations and also makes a strategy for maximizing and sustaining them regularly for mutual benefit. If required, Enoch also figures out how to use economic calculations, statistical analyses, and projections, for land and farming development. Enoch also believes that economics is well focused on allocation and natural resources. Land, livestock, and farm equipment, as well as natural resources like natural gas, freshwater, coal, are all at stake, especially in an agricultural setting.

He also employs different concepts and principles of economics to know more about the demand and supply of services and goods in the agricultural sector. This involves analysis of consumption, production, and distribution. Enoch also applies his skills in environmental economics, policy analysis, food safety, rural development, and livestock sciences. He typically works with statistics and agricultural data in office settings, and additionally, he also conducts and teaches others also regarding the graduate and undergraduate programs related to agricultural economics.

Enoch Mayfields also addresses issues of farm management, marketing, agricultural trade and finance, management, and use of different natural resources. With years of experience, he becomes capable enough to devise different procedures and methods for obtaining the necessary data. He also understands different sampling techniques that are used to conduct various agricultural surveys. He creates and applies different mathematical models to develop the forecasts also. In the last more than 10 years, Enoch has gained extensive knowledge and has been working continually to make the best use of his experience and knowledge throughout.