It does not matter if you are an expert or a novice in photography, you can always learn new skills and tips to enhance your photography technique. It helps you to grow in your method and keeps you updated with the recent trends in the market. You may be well-versed with your camera settings or may have just taken up the hobby of photography. In either case, the below-mentioned tips can aid your photography and help you improve the quality of your images.

Rigid postures and planned poses with people smiling at the camera are obsolete now. They look boring and ruin the skills of the photographer. It is better to ask the subjects in your frame to interact with each other while you take their candid photographs. It adds life to your images and makes them more flattering. For example, a seller in the streets doing his job can be captured with street lighting to show the real scenario. If the lighting is not ideal, you can use online tools to change the lighting and brightness of the final image. These tools are free of cost and are easily available on the internet. In some cases, you may need to change the contrast of the image to make it more interesting and focus on the real subject in the frame. Alternatively, there are tools with free filters in-built. These filters help to provide warm colors similar to a sunset or a polarizing effect to match a cloudy day. Take multiple shots to select the best one later so that you do not miss out on a great candid image. While traveling, if you click pictures, it is always polite to ask for the permission of the people you want to click photos of. An image is worth a thousand words. Implement this saying into your photography skills. Add context to your images to let them tell a story. A photo is more interesting if it displays a time zone, a place, or a person that represents a culture or an event happening. A child with a toy may look good in a frame but when you focus on the toy and the smile on the child’s face, it tells a story and lets the admirer know the reason behind that smile. Take a moment before you click a picture and find ways to tell a story using the subjects in your frame.

Smartphones enable us to take a photo anytime and anywhere. However,  photos taken at similar angles make them boring and repetitive. Therefore, as a photographer, it is important to click an image with a different perspective to call it your own and unique. Sir down or lie low on the ground and take the shot. You will be surprised how different an image can look when taken from various angles. Add scale to your shot. You may not need people to showcase a tourist place. Zoom out and take the entire frame in one image to fill all the elements in a single frame.

Author: David Sechovicz — I am a photography enthusiast. A thinker, dreamer, lover of all things whimsical and magical. I love photography and am passionate about art. To me art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful. Now let’s remember the world “revolves” because of people’s creativity.