Ami Shafrir, an Internet entrepreneur, started his Internet involvement in 1994 through his company, WorldSite networks Inc.

From 1994-2000 Ami Shafrir was the owner of a 50,000-ft.2 building at 8670 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. In the ’90s, this building had the first high-speed fiber Internet connection. Ami opened WorldSite in 1994. This building provided Internet hosting, Internet payment processing, and website programming. WorldSite hosted the websites of all major Hollywood studios, including Paramount and Warner Bros., which featured some of the most famous Hollywood movies like Independence Day.

WorldSite also had a subsidiary named ComBill that processed payments via the Internet. This was the first Internet operator ever to process credit card transactions online. Through his company WorldSite, Ami provided online payment services to banks and the City of Los Angeles.

ComBill is a worldwide network division that provides billing services to companies using the Internet and Online financial transaction services. This included credit and debit information, collection services, payment fraud detection, and electronic funds transfers via computer networks for global computer customers and computer information.

ComBill Ami was a pioneer in Internet billing. Ami Shafrir pitched banks, explaining that Internet billing and banking are the future. There will be fewer physical branches of banks and bank tellers. Many bankers laughed at Ami Shafrir’s extreme predictions, but it is now a reality for e-commerce and online banking. The billing industry is worth multi-trillion dollars today. Ami Shafrir, a pioneer in 1996, predicted the Internet currencies like bitcoin and blockchain tokens. This was more than 10 years before the invention of bitcoin. This is reflected in the ComBill pictures brochure at the bottom.

Ami also owned 75% of Federal Trance Tel (FTT), a billing company based in Birmingham, Alabama. FTT was a large B2B long-distance provider for business applications, including pay-per-call 900 and toll-free numbers. FTT had billing arrangements with all US long-distance carriers and offered billing services above 10 million dollars per month.

FTT had an Internet billing platform called UniversalBill that existed before PayPal. It offered a range of services similar in quality to PayPal. However, and FTT companies were destroyed by Daniel Nicherie, the brothers convicted of white-collar crimes, including forgery of Ami’s signatures 25x. They also destroyed the estate of Ami Shfrir, who was in the middle of a divorce proceeding in 2000-2001.

All of a former conglomerate worth $40 million, which was set to grow into a multibillion-dollar business, were forced to rebel against the Nicherie brothers’ crimes. Ami Shafrir worked with the FBI, the criminal division of the IRS, and the Los Angeles US attorney’s office to bring these criminals before Abner and Daniel Nicherie were captured. What are you doing right now? Enterprise.

Due to the Nicherie brother’s crimes, Ami Shafrir was dragged into a barrage of litigation. He was involved in 130 lawsuits and 15 bankruptcy cases. Ami won all the lawsuits connected to his name, with $10 million in judgments against Daniel Nicherie’s criminal enterprise.