Oral cancer accounts for 40% of all cancers and is a major concern in India. It is most common in men but it can also be found in women. The problem isn’t limited to one age and can affect any age. Oral cancer treatment in India has become easy and quick thanks to medical technology.

People diagnosed with oral cancer are easily able to get treatments in specialized cancer treatment centers. For example, if you live in the NCR region of India, then you can easily visit an oral cancer treatment center in Delhi NCR to get timely treatment.

Causes Of Oral Cancer 

Although there is no clear cause, the condition could be caused by a combination of factors such as poor oral hygiene, smoking, alcohol intake, malnutrition, and radiation exposure.

Signs of Oral Cancer 

Oral cancer is not limited to the surface of the tongue. It can also occur in the palate, gums, and inner lining of the cheeks.

Oral cancer is not always caused by growth in the mouth. If the problem persists for more than two weeks, you may want to consult a doctor. Some of the symptoms include Mouth pain, loose teeth, soreness on the lips, ear pain, a lump in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty/pain when eating.

Oral Cancer Treatment In India 

Oral cancer can be treated if detected early. After the patient has been examined and the extent of the cancer is confirmed through imaging and biopsy, a treatment plan is developed to ensure the best possible outcome.

First, complete tumor excision is performed along with the surrounding normal tissue safety margin. The neck dissection also involves removing any draining lymph nodes. The size of the tumor and the resultant defect determines the number of sutures that are needed to close it.

Patients with advanced-stage cancer should receive radiotherapy either alone or in combination with chemotherapy to reduce the chance of recurrence. Although surgery can guarantee the complete removal of cancer, there is a high likelihood that it will recur. Therefore, regular follow-up is recommended to detect any future recurrences as soon as possible.

Oral Cancer is on the Rise 

Oral cancer is the most prevalent cancer among Indian men (11.28%) and the fifth most frequent cancer among women (4.3%). According to the projected burden of cancers in India by 2020, the most common types of cancer among men will be the following: lung (102,300), mouth (99.5955), prostate (61.2222), tongue (60.6699), and larynx (36.7799). This makes mouth cancer the most common cancer in India for men. Preventions of oral cancers. Screening for and/or detection early. Treatment at an early stage.

If diagnosed early, the 5-year survival rates are above 80%. However, it is less than 20-30% in the advanced stage. Unfortunately, most cases are not detected until the advanced stages.

Best Hospital for Oral Cancer Treatment

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