Select Entry Accelerated Learning program, is an initiative run by the Victorian Education Department to ensure that talented, gifted and motivated students are given the best possible chance to achieve excellence in their education. The program runs for years 7-10 and allows advanced students a chance to work at a more advanced pace and level. Do you think your child is talented, motivated, and not currently being adequately challenged by their school work? In that case, Test Champs recommended that you read on as this answers some frequently asked questions about the SEAL program.

What does the SEAL program involve?

The SEAL program allows gifted students in various Victorian public schools to progress through more advanced coursework faster than they would have otherwise been able to. The program is perfect for students who are not feeling challenged by the rest of their class level and are looking for a greater challenge.

Students enrolled in a Select Entry Accelerated Learning program usually complete the years 7-10 of their high school education in 3 years. This leaves them with more options for how they wish to complete their final VCE years. Some students finish their VCE in the next two years, while others use the extra year to complete a wider range of VCE and university extension subjects. This extra year will ultimately give students a far greater chance of achieving the high ATAR score that they desire.

Would the SEAL program help your child?

The SEAL program is designed for students entering high school who are hard-working, dedicated, experienced, creative, and have a high level of maturity and the ability to work and learn independently, says Test Champs. If you think this may be your child, then have a go at answering the following questions.

  • Is your child at the top of their class at school?
  • Did your child perform above average on their NAPLAN test?
  • Are you concerned that the pace of their class is holding your child back?
  • Does your child ever complain that their schoolwork is too easy?
  • Is your child able to work hard on their homework without being nagged?
  • Is your child constantly motivated to achieve?
  • Will your child be commencing secondary school in two years?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your child might be the perfect candidate for the SEAL program. A Select Entry Accelerated Learning program could provide your child with the challenge that they need and give the best possible support in achieving their goals.

If you want specific information about entry requirements and test dates, these can be found by checking the school’s website that you’re interested in. If you want to talk to someone one-on-one, you can also call the SEAL coordinator at each school.