With the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, eyelash extension tweezers are designed to ease the perfection of the most delicate details of the lash artistry. They are one of the few lash extension supplies essential for use from the beginning to the end of the session. Therefore it’s necessary to master professional skills as a crucial step toward mastering the art of eyelash extension. 

Once you’ve mastered the essential skills to apply for eyelash extensions, the next thing to cross your mind is, “Which pair of tweezers should I use?”  Considering this question, having the right set is essential for easy and practical application of lash extensions. to ensure you choose the suitable tweezer for you, here are some factors you need to consider

  • Tension

If you want to select a pair with enough tension to grasp individual lashes and release quickly, ensure the tension is not too strong for you, and you’ll not have to exert too much energy to close them.

  • Strength and length

Typically, eyelash extensions use two tweezers; one pair for isolation while the other for applying to the extensions. Use straight tweezers for isolation and classic lashes. If you have large volumes of lashes, use a hooked or boot-shaped pair for applying for the lash extensions. It will allow you to grab fans parallel to the strip giving you more control. For length, select a length appropriate for your hand size and pick-up style. 

  • Points

Tweezers’ tips should come to a perfect point with no gap when closed. It will allow you to grasp the lash extensions firmly and allows fans to be easily made when doing volume lashes.

Measures to prolong the life of eyelash extension tweezers

Once you’ve found your preferred tweezer and it’s shipped to you, ensure you properly maintain them for a long life span. for a durable lifespan;

Keep the tweezers in the enclosed tweezer case or tweezer stand when not in use.

Keep the tweezers on a non-slip surface like Silicone Work Pad to prevent them from falling and getting damaged.

Do not tap the tip of the tweezers against a hard surface like a lash palette. 

Use a tweezer cleaner or eyelash adhesive remover to remove the stain


For safety, ensure lash extensions are done with caution and professionally, as eyelash extensions tweezers can cause unexpected but harmful incidences if not careful. Ensure you select the right set from a trusted source for a perfect set of eyelash extensions.