One of the talented and skilled real estate brokers in California is Faycal Rafiq. He is a multilingual luxury retail professional and has experience in marketing, sales, business development, and operations. Faycal Rafiq combines technical acumen with a collaborative management style which allows him to connect with vendors and colleagues at all levels and cultural backgrounds.

Faycal Rafiq is currently serving in Beverly Hills, CA, as Boutique Director. While playing his director role, Faycal Rafiq has reorganized the store structure and assembled a dedicated team to bolster the brand in the LA market. He has keen analytical skills and hands-on experience within retail markets, which makes him one of the best directors in Beverly Hills.

Through all of his endeavors, Faycal Rafiq continues to build his reputation for being a talented and skilled problem solver who enjoys promoting the success of stores and improving overall efficiency throughout. He also shares commercial insights and proven strategies to facilitate smooth operations and sales.

Faycal Rafiq’s Personal Life – 

Born in Casablanca, Faycal grew up in the same place. He got his post-graduation degree (MA) in Business Management from one United Kingdom university. He has also lived in many other countries (including America, France, and Spain). Faycal also knows many languages, including Spanish, English, Arabic, French, and Italian. Faycal likes to spend his time with his family in his free time. Also, he likes swimming, running and cooking.

Rafiq’s Working Experience – 

Faycal Rafiq has more than seven years of working experience in real estate. He also has experience in association management, Loyalty program development, sales, inventory control, marketing, budgeting, business development, and operations.

Throughout his career, Faycal Rafiq has excelled in luxury fashion, jewelry, and watch markets throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Rafiq has been a key player in large-scale SAP integrations, flagship boutique launches, and pop-up developments. He always tries to work under strict deadlines to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers.

Final Words…!!!

So if you need a never fail strategy and result oriented expert for your business growth, meet with Faycal Rafiq – One of the Best Directors In Beverly Hills. He will tell you something unique from his hands-on experience and skills to design a business plan and analyze it to meet market demands.