Think of engine oil as cheap insurance. Regular oil changes prevent the buildup of carbon and sludge, extending engine life. So guarding against thousands of dollars in damage for the relatively tiny cost of oil changes is a no-brainier.

Oil creates a protective film between an engine’s moving parts, which rotate or move thousands of times every minute. In this razor-thin space where every molecule counts, an engine oil’s distinctive additives enable oil to give protection with minimal resistance. The less drag on the engine’s moving parts, the more power and fuel economy are realized. For the oil itself, the longer it maintains its chemical stability, the longer it’s able to protect against friction effectively. 

Choosing the right engine oil for your car ensures that your vehicle’s performance remains high, even in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

If you are pursuing a good quality engine oil, selecting the car engine oil online which one is good for your vehicle can be daunting. To begin with, you require to choose what kind of engine oils your car requires, i.e., mineral or synthetic. For those seeking mineral oils for their cars, this type of engine oil is ideal for driving in temperatures that aren’t to the extreme.

Synthetic engine oils, on the other hand, are composed of blending various synthetic components. Ideal for auto racing, these synthetic oils are specifically formulated for high-performance engines.

Each oil brand closely guards its proprietary chemical formulas as a trade secret, with promises to protect longer, better and across a wider range of environmental conditions. The one that’s right for your vehicle can vary just as much, as different engines, driving habits, and vehicle use call for different solutions. That said, many manufacturers specify a recommended brand and viscosity, typically called the oil weight. 

Here are some outstanding car engine oil online that deliver reliable protection at a great price. Each is suited for a specific application.

Mobil 1 Extended Performance

As synthetic motor oils go, Mobil 1 is the industry benchmark. Well-regarded for its detergent qualities, Mobil 1 has been the factory-fill choice for high-performance engines for decades. The Extended Performance formulation is designed to protect for up to 20,000 miles under optimal driving conditions. Prices have steadily fallen as it’s become more popular, making Mobil 1 Extended Performance our top choice for the best overall value among engine oils.