Every year, all students in Australian schools in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 take the NAPLAN online practice test, which stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. Usually, the evaluation is done around the second week of May. The Australian curriculum’s fundamental learning abilities, such as reading, writing, and mathematics, are assessed by NAPLAN. However, this has changed from 2023 when the NAPLAN is brought forward to mid-March.

At Test Champs, we provide a variety of single and package assessments for every grade level (3, 5, 7, 9). Choose from a selection of examinations that perfectly simulate NAPLAN exams, either individually or as a group. The online test environment with a sample NAPLAN online practice test is available to help students get acquainted with the actual NAPLAN tests.

All of the practice exams are multiple-choice, including the ones for reading comprehension, language usage, and math. After finishing the tests, students will receive a score and a thorough progress report. Following the official NAPLAN writing criteria, the writing portion will be submitted online and graded by our knowledgeable teaching team members.

Why NAPLAN Is Important

With the national assessment, NAPLAN (National Assessment Plan – Literacy and Numeracy), parents, teachers, and students can see how their child is doing in literacy and numeracy compared to Australia’s national standard and peers. It’s like a snapshot of their progress at that particular moment.

It allows for the monitoring and recording of educational development among students, institutions of higher learning, and Australia as a whole. Additionally, it details the effectiveness of education policies in universities, states, and localities, as well as what areas still need development.

Test Structure For NAPLAN

The main topics covered in the National Assessment Test are writing, reading, language conventions, and numeracy. As mentioned earlier, the skills in each category are thought to be crucial for students to develop to build a solid foundation and succeed academically.

Numeracy: A student’s numeracy skills will be tested to see how well they can comprehend new knowledge and apply it to a problem.

Writing: This portion is designed to evaluate how well students can communicate verbally and in writing and how well they can organize their thoughts.

Reading: This exam measures how well students comprehend and interpret the meaning of a range of genres that are presented to them, as well as their thoughts on what they read.

Language Conventions: It assesses the building blocks or the correct usage of rules applicable to the English language. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence construction are all covered in this test.

Getting Ready For NAPLAN

The NAPLAN testing is an essential component of your child’s educational journey since it introduces them to the formal exam style that will better equip them to face exams of a similar nature in the future. NAPLAN does have merit and a purpose, despite its shortcomings.

Students can mature and rise to the occasion by acquiring the necessary abilities at a young age with the help of their parent’s and teachers’ encouragement and support. By encouraging their kids to view NAPLAN as a fantastic learning opportunity that enables them to become accustomed to new difficulties and demonstrate their knowledge, parents may help their kids gain confidence.

The NAPLAN exam should be viewed as merely another component of the educational program that evaluates the abilities students have acquired through the course work. Ensure your youngster is comfortable with the test format and has had enough practice to prevent unwanted concerns.

Prepared By Experienced Teachers

Our knowledgeable teachers have kept up with the changes in the NAPLAN, which have included the shift from paper to online testing, a change in format, and an increase in the complexity of the questions. 


All of the components that will be examined on the NAPLAN are covered in our thorough tests. Our tests are automatically graded; however, the writing portions are graded by qualified teachers using a set of criteria. With the NAPLAN online practice test, you can give your child confidence by giving them a set of practice exams specifically designed with us.