NAPLAN has been a bugbear for parents when the time comes for their children to take the tests in years 3, 5, 7, and 9. Since NAPLAN is tested every alternate year, whenever it’s around the corner, tension and stress may occur among students and parents.   NAPLAN Practice Tests are used to gauge students’ skills,  knowledge, and abilities. With that said, here are effective ways to ensure your child is well-prepared for NAPLAN.

  • Use Study Guides

Accessing the NAPLAN Online Test for your child provides them with information that you can use to help your child get ready for the test. They’ll also offer extensive preparation guidance for each year of the NAPLAN test, which includes short video and text lessons to make learning and reviewing easy and fun.  All of the tests are mobile-friendly. They can be used on a smartphone,  computer, or tablet. 

  • Ask Your Child How They Feel About NAPLAN

Asking your child how he or she feels good. Your starting tip builds understanding of your child’s feelings and notes in which manner you’ll support your child. Based on their feelings about the test, encourage them to do it repeatedly until the actual test dates.

  • Communicate With Teachers 

Another strategy to prepare your child for the NAPLAN test is frequently communicating with their teacher. It will open the lines of communication with the teacher through email, phone calls, or parent-teacher conferences. It allows you to build a positive relationship between home and school and improve your child’s academic achievement.

While teachers are trained professionals and have experience with both the NAPLAN and your child can lead to invaluable insights, they understand the formatting of the test. They can help you with any questions you might have. You can also ask the teacher about other areas of study your child needs extra help with. This information you’ve gained from the teacher can help you tailor additional practice for your child at home.

  • Plan On Your Child’s Time Management 

One of the hardest challenges your child might experience is running out of time while on tests. Therefore, NAPLAN Practice Tests will not only give them an overview of what the NAPLAN test looks like but also help them complete the practice test.  At the same time, students will be taught about observing time as they plan how to use the allocated time for the test. If your child frequently runs out of time, you can provide guidance on time management, which can greatly help to improve the score.

Encourage A Love To Learn

Another way to prepare your child for the NAPLAN is to encourage them to keep learning, as the test reflects the lessons and information learned in the classroom. If you wish for your child to receive an excellent score in the NAPLAN, you will need to implement good study habits so that when they sit for the test,  they feel much more comfortable and confident.

Above all, you must always be optimistic when it comes to learning. It will help your child view education as an informative and entertaining experience rather than a monotonous chore that needs to be completed. If your child truly enjoys learning, they are more likely to succeed than a student who dreads school.


While preparing your child for the NAPLAN Test preparation, it also focuses on continuously developing numeracy and literacy skills. Feel free to get advice from the class teacher on how to encourage these skills development. You can also access a wide range of single and package assessments for each year level for years 3,5, 7, and 9 tailored for your child’s needs.